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21-08-2010, 02:59
So, in honor of the upcoming 'Ardboyz, I've been working on an army list. After several playtests this past weekend against Skuttling Skaven and Laconic Lizardmen, I have pretty much settled on this for my list next weekend:

Black Orc Warboss + Armor of Destiny, Battle Brew, shield, Collar of Zorga
Orc Great Shaman + lvl 4, Talisman of Preservation, Dispel Scroll

Black Orc Big Boss + BSB, Trickster's Helm, Heavy Armor
Black Orc Big Boss + Armor of Silvered Steel, Luckstone
Orc Shaman + lvl 2, Power Scroll
Night Goblin Big Boss + greataxe
Night Goblin Big Boss + greataxe

30 Orc Boyz + standard, musician, shields
30 Orc Boyz + standard, musician, extra choppa
70 Night Goblins + full command, nets
5 Forest Goblin Spider Riders + musician, shortbows
5 Goblin Wolf Riders + musician, spears, shortbows

30 Black Orcs + standard, musician, Mork's Spirit Totem
2x Goblin Wolf Chariots
2x Orc Boar Chariots
2x Spear Chukkas
Rock Lobba

2 Trolls
3 Trolls
2x Snotling Pump Wagons

All the Black Orc characters get spread out to the orc and goblin units to keep a modicum of order (the "freebie" black orc character might deign to join another unit to either make a super deathstar or to give some needed punch) and to give some oomph to the other wise lack-luster combat abilities of my core troopers.

The wizards are both Orcs because in testing I found that the Waaagh! spell wins games - this way I can guarentee (well, almost - something like 96% chance) to get it. I brought to power scroll because when I was looking at my list I thought "It's hard, but not hard enough. I need something I can commit a war crime with ... ". I anticipate that most games I will use the scroll to IF Waaagh! with my baby shaman. Poor guy, he showed such promise!

The big blocks are pretty self explanitory. The Night Goblin Deathstar (I call it "Executor") has stood many tests, and the most that I fear is massed empire template weapons, but then at least my boyz and black orcs are getting across unmolested! In a general sense, Executor is joined by the BSB to synergize with his Trickster's Helm. These 4 blocks form the stiff (ish) center of the battleline, ready and willing to beat the everloving hell out of whatever they can reach.

The fast cav is pretty iffy, it is used as a harassment unit and perhaps some warmachine killing if they survive long enough. Oddly enough, in our local group most people spend the first turn of shooting on the fast cav, which is fine by me!

The wolf chariots go out on the flanks of my line, with the boar chariots in between line units. The trolls are often used and either extra "chariots" or as up front roadblocks to allow me to charge in on my turn. They have also done admirably as character assassins. Go go vomit!

Finally the pump wagons compulsory rove my back field waiting to hold up any enemy that outflanks me, breaks through the line, or happens to sneakily inflitrate and try to eat some warmachines.

What do you think?

21-08-2010, 06:38
I like the list alot, however you have many combat units as so I'd probably put the trolls in one unit since they get their full attacks in 2 ranks anyways, especially with the general increase with the amount of terrain on the board making it harder to maneuver around the board.

Other thought is the spirit totem might work better on the bsb as he can move around to new units should his get bashed, granted it is the black orc unit but i'd hit it just knowing that banner is there. It's really down to if you fear magic or combat more for him.