View Full Version : The New Fire Prism/shadow weaver

21-08-2010, 11:26
Hi guys,
Im looking at getting 1 or two of these for my eldar at some point and I wondering whether the fire prism and shadow weaver parts are interchangeable like the New Leman Russ parts. I know It hasnt been touted as such and I've had a quick look at the tuttorial.

Can anyone with hands on experience of the model help?

cheers, ollie

21-08-2010, 11:46
They're interchangeable to the extent that both use the same hull and turret, and the only difference between them is what weapon you attach to the two mounts on the turret. I can't compare it to the new Leman Russ kit as I haven't seen that. :)

21-08-2010, 17:57
Well, when you assemble the model you have to mount one weapon or the other. The FP/SW weapons are not designed to be interchanged after that.

But you can easily magnetise the turret and the weapons to interchange whenever you want. I think there are some tutorials in the web.