View Full Version : Area effect spells: Timewarp, Speed of Light, etc

21-08-2010, 18:44
I successfully cast one of the spells in the title at the powered up level.

I get 12" coverage from my spell.

Is that 12" coverage apply at the time of casting or at all times measuring 12" from the caster?

For example: I cast a different spell that makes a unit move outside the 12" bubble BUT after the area effect spell was cast. I miscast panicking a separate unit that flees outside the 12" bubble.

The units were in the bubble when it was cast, but later move outside the bubble?

I think I may have answered my own question. Its basically a bubble around the caster. So long as the spell isn't dispelled you get the coverage within 12" of the caster, correct?

If something moves them outside the bubble THEN they lose the effect......as in the effect doesn't stick to the unit?

Same thing....a unit somehow moves within the 12" bubble but wasn't there for the original casting. Do they not get the spell benefits?

21-08-2010, 19:13
You don't get 12" (moving or otherwise) coverage from the spell.

If you cast the boosted version of the spell, it targets all friendly units within 12" when it's cast. That means that it isn't a bubble effect which moves with the caster, and that a unit which moves within 12" later won't be effected because the new unit wasn't targeted by the augment spell.

21-08-2010, 20:46
+1 to solkan's answer. Only units within 12" at the time of casting receive the effect.