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Jack Shrapnel
21-08-2010, 19:55
Overtyrant Gaz Madsteel (300 pts)
1 Tyrant
1 Fencer's Blades
1 Glittering Scales
1 Talisman of Endurance
1 Mawseeker

(WS 10, and you're -1 to hit him... and T6 just in case you actually do!)

Chef Foulcleaver ( 300 pts)
1 Slaughtermaster
1 Siegebreaker
1 Earthing Rod
1 Talisman of Preservation

(casting the important buffs I need to get through)

Dak Dreadgut (209 pts)
1 Bruiser (Battle Standard Bearer) Heavy Armour
1 Greatskull
1 Ironcurse Icon
1 Mawseeker

(miscasts for enemy wizards, wardsave for warmachines and T6? yes please)

Cook Rot Tongue ( 170 pts)
1 Butcher
1 Dispel Scroll
1 Opal Amulet

(back up caster with purple sun prevention.... I mean a scroll)

The Thugs (105 pts)
3 Bulls

The new recruits (105 pts)
3 Bulls

Madsteel's Raiders (712 pts)
14 Ironguts Standard Bearer with Rune Maw

Underlings (48 pts)
8 Gnoblar Trappers

The Enforcers ( 301 pts)
2 Rhinox Riders Ironfist; Heavy Armour
1 Razor Standard

The Forgotten ones
2 gorgers

Total Roster Cost: 2400

So yes, this army relies on the concept of a horde of ironguts, with all characters going into this unit of 18, running headlong down the field in horde formation until casualties make it better to switch to three or four wide if necessary! -to help it make combat, one of the naked bulls will provide hard cover by running screen (for shooting) greatskull and runemaw combo will either stop magic completely, or at least make the mages think twice about targetting all those juicy points.

The rhinox riders run like a bullet down one of the flanks that I would need to control outright, the other naked bulls run some interference for fast cav on the other (basically their job is to die, but in doing so, keep more points than they are worth occupied) gnoblars will eat spells and chuck some sharpstuff if necessary... gorgers are there to hopefully tie up the inevitable warmachines that will be the biggest threat to this list....

...and this is for a tournament a week from now....

Jack Shrapnel
23-08-2010, 11:26
No advice? tourney is in six days???