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22-08-2010, 00:32
Master @ 155pts
Cold One, Lance, Shield, Armour of Eternal Servitude, Dragonbane Gem, Potion of Foolhardiness, Sea Dragon Cloak

Sorceress @ 175pts
Level 2, Guiding Eye, Tome of Furion


20 Warriors @ 155pts
Shields, Full Command

20 Warriors @ 155pts
Shields, Full Command

20 Repeater Crossbowmen @ 220pts
Full Command

20 Corsairs @ 225pts
Extra Hand Weapon, Full Command

10 Corsairs @ 105pts
Repeater Handbow, Musician


9 Cold One Knights @ 308pts
Full Command, Dread Knight: Ring of Hotek

Total: 1498pts

Tanks for looking. All comments appreciated

22-08-2010, 00:49
Personal preference here but i'd drop the corsairs for more spearmen. 10 of em in particular will be absolutely useless. For the points you could probably bump up the knights to a 10 man unit, and get a battle standard bearer on a cold one - even if he doesn't take any of the fancy magic standards, thats +1 CR running with the knights, and they'll be the ones to benefit from it most due to rerolls on failed stupidity.

I'd also consider dropping the crossbowmen to 19 and putting the sorceress in there - sure, you're running a few miscast risks, but on her own she's just gonna be shot at by everything and with her gone, bang goes your magic phase.

You could also possibly drop the ring of hotek, as you're probably not going to see enough magic at 1500 points for it to make much difference. Those points could perhaps be spent on Armour of Darkness for your Sorceress if you drop Guiding Eye, which would give her the protection she needs.

Just suggestions of course, hope they're of some help to you, i'm always willing to help out a fellow DE player :)

22-08-2010, 00:53
@ Triple 7s- a DE sorceress unfortunately cannot take the Armour of Darkness,

I'd try to drop some non-essential non-shooting core for a hydra.

22-08-2010, 00:54
A sorceress can't wear armour.
Sorry, I should have mentioned that the Sorceress goes with the Xbowmen. The guiding eye means there shots can re-roll misses in 1 turn, they can put out 40 shots so yeah...

The master goes with the other Knights
The list is based on 2 battalions + more warriors and a sorceress. I see what you're saying about the ring though

@ tmarichards: so would I but I don't have one yet.

22-08-2010, 04:14
you know i have wanted to see a 40 man crossbow unit sitting in the center of the board with someone carrying to guiding eye. now that would be an effective use of 25 points