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22-08-2010, 05:50
So in a few days i'll be playing empire at 2000 points and i have a couple of similar but different lists. Need some advice though. Heres what i know he has and is likely to bring.

He has a steam tank i'm almost 100% sure he's bringing to the table. Still not sure on how to kill it though. Also know he has hellblaster, morter, and cannon, and i wouldn't be surprised if there were two morters coming at me, and likely more warmachines. I also know he has karl Franz, though i have no clue if he plans to use him. He's used some riflemen, haliberders and knights.

I'm a little doubtful on how to take on the war machines and the steam tank, if i can get into combat with them i usually beat them in CC (as is expected of my high elves). Anyway here are my two possible lists.

List 1: Things i'm worried about: Since the list has both teclis and caradryn the idea of it being op is very worrysome to me. I don't want to just wipe him out with a couple of overpowered special characters. I asked his permission and he said teclis is fine, but i still am doubtful about how much fun it is to go against him.

Teclis-Death or Shadow

Noble BSB, Armor of Caldor, guardian Pheonix, GW-166

25xSpearelves,FC,Standard of Discpline-265

23xPheonix Guard,FC,Banner of Sorcery-425
6xDragon Princes,Standard-200



Comments: Teclis and Caradryn with the Pheonix Guards. BSB with spearelves. Everything here has a Ld of 9 or better. This is obviously my stronger list, with death or shadow have the ability to destroy warmachines and the tank. Thers likely very little he can do to stop my magic phase here. Once i get to combat though i just have to rely on my high elf rerolls. I'm worried that with teclis my magic phase becomes wayyyyy to overpowered.

List 2:Concerns:This list is doesn't have anything that can really destroy the tank and i'm still worried about warmachines. Also list isn't quite complete.

Archmage Lv. 4
w/Book of Hoeth-360
w/ Book of Ashur,Silver wand-340

Noble BSB,Armor of Caldor, Phoenix Guard, GW-166

25xSpearelves,FC,Standard Diciplne-265

23xPhoenix Guard,FC,Banner of Sorcery-425
6xDragon Princes-180



For this one i have no clue what to make the archmage. I was thinking possibly life if i do the Ashur+Wand though this leaves me at a servere disadvantage versus the tank, Death and shadow are other options, possibly more so with the Book of Hoeth. If i go with Ashur i could use the extra 150 points for 10 Swordmasters, though i have a feeling they'd get slaughtered long before the found an enemy to fight. I could also put in a bolt thrower and use the leftover 40-60 points to get a standard bearer and magic banner for the DPs

Thoughts, advice?

Bloody Nunchucks
22-08-2010, 06:19
i would take the first list. if its a friendly game, drop teclis and take lvl 4 with book of hoeth and life. i would also drop the dragon princes, then upgrade the spears to sea guard and then maybe take korhil. also, i would take 14 swordmasters with an anti shooting banner and use the points from Caradryn, you are HE u dont need more magic defence.

22-08-2010, 07:35
i don't have models for korhil, sea guard, or 14 swordmasters (only have 10) otherwise those selections seems perfect. I'll make a list of the extra's i have:

10 Swordmasters+command
8 Silver Helms
1 Bolt Thrower
20 Archers
1 Dragon+Rider
1 Mounted Prince/Noble
1 Lion Chariot (In pieces, want to paint it before i assemble)

thats all i really have left over :\

23-08-2010, 03:44
I dont play HE, but this advice could help.

Scouts (Shadow warriors?) can be used to take out cannon crewmen effectivly.

The special ability that enables light cavelry to move 12' before the game (vanguard, I think) could be used to close the gap.

The Steamtank will be trouble, never versed one of these myself so im not sure how to beat one.

The hell blaster rocket gun will destroy ALOT of your T3 elves, unless it blows up.

23-08-2010, 12:49
i like the first list. seems like it should be solid but i would probably consider lore of life wiht teclis but shadow/death are always good options as well. you could even if you wantedd to, cut out caradryn and take a lvl 2 mage with the seerstaff so you can give teclis life and the other mage the death/shadow spells that you want. just a thought. as a HE player i tend to go nuts with magic with all my lists but that's just me.

Bloody Nunchucks
23-08-2010, 18:02
its a good list, i might take a bolt thrower to deal with some war machines, shadow warriors ar'nt that good but you could experiment with a unit of 5 and see how it does(then let me know, lol).

if you are really scared of his warmachines then do two things.
A) give teclis life
B) drop a unit of spears and take two units of 10 archers to take out a warmachine a turn

just my thoughts, take it for what its worth

Chaos Undecided
23-08-2010, 20:35
In a war machine duel I dont think the Bolt Throwers will triumph considering an Elven RBT effectively only has 2 wounds thanks to its crew complement a Hit from a Cannon will destroy it almost everytime, a handful of Eagles would probably be a better investment combat is just more reliable for killing war machines rather than plinking away with bows and hoping for those 6s.

I think if you were to stick with Shadow for your spells then Mindrazor on a spear block should be able to wreck a STank in combat especially if you have a leadership 10 bubble on them (which unfortunately the regular archmage doesnt supply)

Bloody Nunchucks
23-08-2010, 20:58
i agree that 2 eagles are better than a bt to deal with other wm's