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22-08-2010, 12:37
Cant see anywere anyone talking about when 8:th ed Bretonnia will come. Does anyone know? They dident get any book in 7:th so they might come before the ones with 7:th books.

22-08-2010, 12:40
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But to answer it, as soon as someone hears something about anything, it ends up here. So sadly you just need some patience and eventually there will be some tasty bit about Brets.

22-08-2010, 12:43
Being new here, you should read this thread:


Other than that, not that this is a rumor or anything, John Blanche showed Dark Eldar art alongside some Bretonnians art at Games day yesterday. Not that that means Bretonnians are coming any time soon, but you never know.

22-08-2010, 13:05
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22-08-2010, 14:14
As Shabadoo said, there was brettonian artwork floating around at GD Baltimore (check the thread in 40K News& Rumours, I think its linked from there) - this comes with the disclaimer that although it was work by John Blanche it may not have been commissioned for an army book, it could equally end up seeing print in WFRP or a Black Library publication.

Those in the know seem to think Orcs & Goblins, Tomb Kings, and Ogre Kingdoms are all ahead of Brettonia in the queue, though not neccessarily in that order, which means the earliest you can expect a Brettonian book is late 2011. The way things have been going lately, I honestly wouldn't expect to see them before 2012.

On the plus side, Bretts are one of the factions that actually gained from 8th ed (although the old power builds of knights + flyers took a much needed nerf). Yes, there are a few issues that still need to be resolved (I'm looking at you, lance formation) but nothing that can't be sorted with a few simple house rules.

22-08-2010, 14:35
I'd be willing to bet a small amount of money on the first half of 2012.

22-08-2010, 22:05
They will cometh when horses thus fly!