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Da Black Gobbo
22-08-2010, 15:00
Hey ya! I'm trying to come back to fantasy with skaven now that the new edition seems to be quite fun.

Without further talk let's see my army:


--Grey Seer: Doom Bell, Skalm.


--BSB: heavy armour, shield, Storm Banner.

--Lvl1 Warplock: witht the warplighting enhace item.


--50 Clanrats: (bell) Full command, spears, posoned wind mortar, shields.

--30 Stormvermin: shields, full command, doomgrinder, banner of armour piercing.


--6 Ratogres with 3 pack masters.

--8 Poisoned wind globardiers: PW mortar.


--Warplighting Cannon.


And that's it, a bit balanced between fun and competition. what do you guys think?

22-08-2010, 15:13
way not enough units i'd say....the advantage of skaven is MASS MASS MASS...where are slaves? for a 2k army i'd take at least 2 units of clan rats and 2 units of slaves MINIMUM...

23-08-2010, 14:40
I agree. At 2k, you need to the bodies on the field before you can start introducing the star players. Personally, I'd keep the Bell and the Ogres as one is fun and the other is punchy in the facey.

50 Clanrats is probs too much for the bell (even on a horde frontage, that things is going to be 7 ranks deep!) I'd drop it to 35 (you can still run 10x5 if you want to, or 7x6, my preferred). Also, those rats aren't going to kill anything, so I'd lose the spears. If you want to fight in more ranks, roll a 13 on the Screaming Bell!! I'd also drop the PWG's.

With points saved I'd get yourself some slaves (20 * Ms, for flanking/taking random Doomwheel hits is useful, or 35 with a 5 frontage for tarpitting) and maybe another unit of 30 clanrats (5 frontage) to attack the PWM from the PWGs to.