View Full Version : WoC 2000 pts

22-08-2010, 20:33
SO Im wanting to put togeather a new army list togeather for my WoC in 8th ed. Heres the list:


10 Knights of Tzneentch
-Blasted Standard
-Musician, Standard

18 Warriors of Nurgle
-Full comand

18 Warriors of Khorne
-extra hand weapon
-full Comand

20 Slaneshi Marauders
-full Comand

9 Warhounds

2 hellcannons

I know its not a great list but i like the units in it so Cs&Cs welcome :)

22-08-2010, 21:25
Looks reasonable, I'd change to khorne on the marauders, and halberds are better on khorne warriors (unless you are fighting a lot of T2 opponents or T3 with no armour). Apart from that fine, go for it!


22-08-2010, 23:15
Well I was thinking of taking a 18 man squad of nurgle warriors with halbeirds and banner of rage in larger battles. Also I dont have any magic defence so should I free up some pts for a sorc with a dispell scroll?