View Full Version : Banner of the World Dragon / Null Stone

22-08-2010, 19:52
What is the effect of the above items on a vortex that passes over them? Is the spell stopped entirely or does it ignore the protected area and continue?

22-08-2010, 19:57
The nullstone doesnt do squat against such things, it just stops nearby mages and items from working.

The world dragon banner simply makes the unit immune to spell effects, the spell still works as normal but they are not affected by it.

Note that the banner wont work if it's within range of the nullstone.

22-08-2010, 19:58
The spell passes through the unit with the Banner without affecting them. The banner doesn't stop spells it stops the unit being affected by them.

The Null Stone does nothing to a vortex it only cares about wizards casting spells or items.