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22-08-2010, 21:19
Hello all.

Apologies if this is in the wrong section.

I was wanting to put together a psychic choir of sanctioned psychers that a) doesn't cost as much as the GW models, and b) looks better.

Quite frankly, the PS models are crap.

So, come on people of Warseer, suggest alternatives for me. I know you can do it.

THE \/ince

22-08-2010, 21:22
Use the Flagellants box and mix in some general iconography from the Cadian box sprue

22-08-2010, 21:25
I never thought of that... Good idea. And what I don't use can go into bulking up my Empire flagellants units (What? I only have 35 of them)...

Any other suggestions?

THE \/ince

22-08-2010, 22:33
Just get a guard figure from the plastic box then stuck a cloak on him and staff from the lizardman box and a bit of this and that and you have a psyker. Dont hold back from scratch building or convering figures.

22-08-2010, 22:44
The guys in overalls from vehicle accessory sprues. Imperial, but not in the same uniform as the rest of the force, and they look appropriately disposable. Paint up in orange jump suits for bad taste marks...

Yes, you need lots of tanks for a unit. This is a problem why?

23-08-2010, 00:18
My psyker choir is kind of a mixture. Three of them are the metal GW psykers (because I quite like the models to paint). Alot of them are Empire Flagellents with a few Imperial bits added. For the overseer, I wanted something a little different from say a sergeant. For this reason my Overseer carries a book atop a staff in one hand and a hammer in the other. The torso and legs are standard Cadian ones and the head is the Cadian sergeant head I think.

Biff Gunhed
23-08-2010, 08:13
I think the Flagellants look more like Priests than Sanctioned Psykers.

I've thought of converting the Bretonnian archers for Sanctioned Psykers: they have that unhealthy, pained look to them, and can pretty easily be set up carrying staffs or what-have-you. Their arrow-releasing arms also look a bit like they're conjuring spells.

I feel the Overseer should be a regular-looking guardsman who fits the rest of your force.

23-08-2010, 11:24
I relish every chance to show my ex-flagellant Sanctioned Psykers. Heavy use of Devlan Mud wash for quick results :)

23-08-2010, 11:31
How about plastic zombies? If you use the less zombified parts they can look the part! Just model collars and manacles on them with green stuff and they are good to go!

23-08-2010, 11:37
I think the Flagellants look more like Priests than Sanctioned Psykers.

Ideally I'd mix the Flaggy box with parts from the battle wizards box, lots of staffs and orbs and stuff.

Get em led by a Commissar as well, look pretty good

23-08-2010, 22:10
I picked up 5 of the dudes shown here:


to use as my Psyker squad, with a regular guardsman converted into an overseer.

Got them off Ebay; there may be a few more flaoting around/.

24-08-2010, 13:40
I've decided to try some of the EM4 miniatures to see what they're like.

I want my Psykers to look like normal folk identified in different uniforms on the prison world they're from (they're not so much sanctioned...)


I've ordered some troopers and gangers for a nice mixture.

If they look rubbish I've not spent too much.

THE \/ince

Gorbad Ironclaw
24-08-2010, 14:15
It really depends on what kind a look you want for them, but generally any kind of mage/wizard/sorceress/scribe/fanatic/civilian/etc could work.

Reaper, Malifaux, Enigma Miniatures, Gamezone, Infinity, Heresy Miniatures, Avatars of War might all be good places to start.

24-08-2010, 14:34
I got this one (http://www.olleysarmies.co.uk/scifi/psychicscrunts002.jpg) for my Abhumans/Outcasts/Mercenaries regiment. Awesome thing and still cheaper than getting the GW sanctioned psykers. :)

24-08-2010, 16:53
I used the crypt ghoul box. I've added gasmasks from the cadian command box to some of them, and others have heads from the flagellant box. The crypt ghouls are hunched over, and look like they are being lashed/whipped forwards by the overseer. They are also emaciated. I'll see if I can get a photo later.

Damien 1427
24-08-2010, 17:03
I'm trying to track down Penitents from the Witch Hunter box to use. No idea about an Overseer, though.

25-08-2010, 22:11
I discovered I had 9 Van Saar models with two weapons. A raid of my bits box and cutting and gluing saw me get them armed laspistols and chainswords (the rules have them armed with Close combat weapon and laspistol).

Three of them were the newer ones that you can't get any more (go figure the logic in that!) with separate heads and weapons, so I used random heads from my bits collections to get a suitable variety to them.

They will be painted in orange jumpsuits (penal colony) and have an overseer with them who is a regular Cadian painted the same way as the veterans and sergeants/custodians from the army. The fluff for them is the Primaris Psyker who is responsible for hunting out those born with the Psyker genes and passing them to the black ships when they pass has trained them for use by the Governor in his own army.

THE \/ince

27-08-2010, 13:32
Whatever crap models you have in surplus + full cloak of greenstuff + random appropriate head. Full squad for... well... nothing...

27-08-2010, 13:46
I'm not good with green stuff. Seriously, all previous attempts have resulted in trashed models.

THE \/ince

27-08-2010, 14:23
Well... working with green stuff isn't easy. You can learn it.

27-08-2010, 22:30
I used a box of GW Elf Spearmen:
--scraped and sanded the scale mail skirts smooth so they looked like robes
--scaped off the iconography on the chestplates and sliced off the flange at the shoulder edge level with the shoulder
--chopped the spears down to quarterstaff size and topped with a drilled out skull
--smoothed the vambrace on the spear arm
--spare arms from various boxes for the non-spear arm
--shoulder pads cut down from SM bitz
--various bare heads (a mix of Cadian, old SM sgt, etc)

They ended up looking like they had a greatcoat/robe on with a set of std guardsman armor over top.

27-08-2010, 23:44
Delaque Juves!!

Bald head, Pistol & CCW, Long coats.