View Full Version : LIST of FANTASY NOVELS

23-08-2010, 00:03
I am curious if anyone knows where I can get a complete list of Warhammer Fantasy novels. Thanks Don

23-08-2010, 13:54
Wikipedia to the resque! (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Black_Library_novels)

23-08-2010, 14:41
Now if only Wikipedia was up-to-date...

23-08-2010, 16:16
Now if only Wikipedia was up-to-date...

I agree ARGH!!!! I have the place saved for some ref but a complete list would be nice. I do thank the other poster for the help. :)

30-08-2010, 19:25
If you go under the products section on the BL website and list them by publish date, it's pretty thorough. You'll also be able to read synopses and extracts of the novels you might be interested in.