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23-08-2010, 23:36
Thank you for responses

23-08-2010, 23:41
As far as im aware they are immobile, but they can move onto the board as reinforcments in certain scenarios they just move onto the board then thats it.

Im not a dwarf or dark elf player though so best to double check the army books.

24-08-2010, 00:09
Both of these units are immobile.

24-08-2010, 00:11
Thank you.

24-08-2010, 00:41
Both of these units are immobile.

Absolutely wrong. The Cauldron of Blood was immobile in it's last Army Book but the current Army Book has no such restriction. It is a Warmachine and it can move like a Warmachine (So it can never charge or pursue - it's rules actually prevent pursuit moves).

24-08-2010, 01:40
Mr. Daff is correct.

I believe that the Anvil and the Casket are the only immobile units. There is also the Bell/Furnace if its unit is destroyed.