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24-08-2010, 00:37
Hello all,

I was just wondering if anyone has been experimenting with our new possibility of Fast Cavalry characters, I was thinking that Chaos Sorcerers would be great for this, although using it as Exalted Hero Delivery would work well to. . .

Here is an example of the basic set up, I would probably use matching pairs personally with the required changes for magic items. This group is only 380 points, and 200 of that is core. . .

10 Marauder Cavalry
-Mark of Slaanesh
-Throwing Spears
-Light Armor

Chaos Sorcerer
-Level 2
-Mark of Slaanesh
-Steed of Slaanesh
-Sword of Might
-Charmed Shield
-Power Familiar

I also just thought about using cheap Exalted Heroes as incredible war machine hunters. . .

Exalted Hero:
Under 200 points, and with a matching pair you can still afford a BSB in 2k.
-Mark of Slaanesh
-Steed of Slaanesh
-Sword of Swift Slaying
-Golden Eye of Tzeentch

24-08-2010, 14:32
I have some experience of using fast cavalry and warriors of chaos and those compositions look pretty good, but is it worth spending the points on the marks of Slanesh for the marauders and exalted?

The sorcerer is fine if you want to use the Slaanesh spells but I would personally take the mark of Khorne for the combat troops and chars, purely for their increased attacking power when you do close for combat. Chaos inherently have good Ld saves, the characters improve that further and frenzied troops ignore a lot of psychology anyway... just a thought.

But generally my answer is go for it, fast cavalry are great, marauders have a good attack potential and their ranged weapons can be pretty lethal - especially throwing axes.