View Full Version : casting from seccond rank?

24-08-2010, 08:34
I have seen several people talk about casting from seccond rank and "make way" several times.

But i fail to find anything in the BRB about this

- How does one cast from seccond rank? is it only alowed by several races or can all armies do it.
- what does make way do exactly, and where can i find anything about it.
If i would need to gues idd say the wizzies make way for the fighters to go into battle but thats would be a lucky gues :)

24-08-2010, 08:36
Command models (champion, standard and musician) displace characters. If you're 3-wide, you can place the wizard in the second rank right away, but otherwise you might need some other models in the front... like a BSB with the Banner of the World Dragon and a fighty hero or something. Then Teclis goes in the back and blasts everything to hell.

24-08-2010, 08:38
Do a search in the warhammer rules forum I'm sure there's s thread covering the topic. I think this thread may get moved there by the mighty warseer inquisitation.