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24-08-2010, 13:17
With the advent of 8th edition changes, I've had to redo my DoW list to satisfy the new percentage restrictions for army composition. Unfortunately this means i have had to increase the point cost for my army from 2250pts to 2500pts. My club allows me to use kislev allies with my army, since the theme is a Kislev theme and they rarely ever see anyone field Kislev units anymore. With that being said, I think DoW have actually gotten a boost with the new magic items list and rules changes. I realize they're still not competitive in a tourney, but I'm only interested in friendly games. I appreciate all comments and suggestions. Here's the list.


Truthsayer (Army General, splitting point cost half and half between Heroes and Rares for Percentage. Until an errata comes out on this, I think this is fair,)

Wizard, Level 2, Dispel Scroll

Paymaster, Barded Warhorse, shield, lance, Armor of Fortune (Goes with block of Knights)

Boyar, heavy armor, enchanted shield, sword of might (goes with Kossars)

Boyar, Armor of Silvered Steel, Great Weapon (goes with Kossars)


11 Knights, Full Command, Barded Warhorses

6 Light Cavalry, spears, shields, musician

6 Light Cavalry, spears, shields, musician

23 Kossars, Full Command

23 Kossars, Full Command

6 Winged Lancers, Musician

8 Horse Archers, Musician


4 Ogres, Great Weapons, Musican

4 Ogres, Great Weapons, Musican




Total 2,490 pts

Dow Comp:
Heroes 24%
Core 32%
Special 24%
Rare 21%
Kislev Comp:
Heroes 25%
Core 75%

Dark Aly
24-08-2010, 19:07
you appear to have a lot of cav. but not too many large infantry blocks. this may be a mistake.

25-08-2010, 00:48
This is not a mistake, rather it is more due to the percentage restrictions requiring min 25% on core. Keep in mind that the Kossar units are stubborn regardless of whether they outnumber as long as a boyar is in a unit, and he is still alive. If I need to increase the number of infantry blocks, I could always consolidate the 2 ogre units into one unit.

I don't think highly enough of pikemen to want to include them as an anvil, and they're expensive for what they do. Duellists with Pistols are nice, but they don't get ranks and have a limited threat range since they also cannot negate ranks if charging in the flanks or rear of units. The only other options would be Regiments of Renown, which are expensive again for what they do or to include dwarf warriors or marauders. Dwarfs and marauders are both special choices and I want to keep the ogres because I've already converted the models, they fit the theme and are hittier than the cavalry when equipped with great weapons. I could add some more Kossar units, but 2x23 is the maximum number of models that I have. The light cavalry were already converted up for my 7th ed army which is why they're included. The light cavalry are a bit much at three units, but I can live with that. The winged lancers and horse archers are the primary additons to my 7th ed list to make sure the Kislev contingent also conforms to the percentage requirements.

25-08-2010, 02:44
I like this list, quite fluddy and i just wished i had managed to get a kislev army together before the were scrapped (pity really since they were the most awesome looking human force).
One thing, i would get the Boris Tzar as a lord choice for a 3000 pt list.

25-08-2010, 19:19
Yeah, that's a good idea. I've yet to use Boris in a game, but I love the model. In order to do that though, would require I spent the additional 500pts solely on Kislevites, although that shouldn't be a problem since I have enough models to field 2 units of Gryphon Legion, Winged Lancers and Horse Archers.