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24-08-2010, 15:21
Hi all!

I'm going to be playing my first 8th edition game soon and I can't wait. I will be playing with my High Elves against my opponent's Dark Elves and we have decided to recreate a small section of the battle of Finuval Plain which, if we follow the fluff means I should win haha :)

To this end I will be playing with Teclis and my opponent with Malekith (not sure if he will be on a dragon, cold one, steed or chariot yet) who will both be fighting within a 3000 point army. This is the list I have put together, I'd welcome any feedback as I am not too sure about the optimal numbers for units and such what in this new edition of the game. Also I have a few hundred points spare and could do with some advice on how to use them up.

Prince - in a unit of Spear Elves
General; Great Weapon
Armour of Caledor
Vambraces of Defence
Amulet of Light

29 SpearElves
Full Command

Caradryan in a unit of Spear Elves

29 SpearElves
Full Command

10 Archers

10 Archers

Teclis - in a unit of Phoenix Guard

24 Phoenix Guard
Full Command
Banner of Sorcery

Mage - in a unit of Sword Masters
Level 2
Annulian Crystal

24 Sword Masters
Full Command
Banner of Arcane Protection

Which leaves me with about 300'ish points. I was thinking maybe a noble on an eagle with some eagle friends to get his bolt throwers? Or maybe some chariots?

Any feedback would be great!


24-08-2010, 15:38
That is a heck of a lot of characters, and once your Swordmasters are shot to death (which they will be) you have no hammer units.

Dragon Princes, White Lions, White Lion Chariots, you need *something*. I also don't see the point in taking a Prince if you have Teclis, he's all the general you will need.

Teclis will also use all of your power dice already, so I doubt the L2 is going to be of much use. Drop the 2nd mage, and get a BSB in there.

24-08-2010, 16:09
Yeah I guess I see your point about the level 2 mage. Teclis will probably be gobbling all the power dice but I wanted to make sure I had a spare mage to dispell with in case Teclis miscast whilst dispelling. I could make it level 1.

I left the BSB out as I will be re-rolling psychology tests throughout this game (fighting dark elves). Would I still need it do you think?

I do have 300 ish points left so I could afford a unit of dragon pinces, a few chariots or even a smaller unit of white lions. Which do you recommend?

Bloody Nunchucks
24-08-2010, 19:31
drop the prince, keep the mage, make him lvl 1 and try for 5+ ward save on swordmasters every turn. get the banner of sorcery in there somehow, you NEED it if playing teclis. turn the spear elves into sea guard, its a great upgrade and ou will find it helps, put the banner of eternal flame in one of those units and it can single handedly counter a hydra or vargulf or some other regening unit/guy. i would always reccomend a larger unit of WL's than a few DP's, just because of the steadfast rules. you may also consider a bolt thrower just in case you need one, you never know

just my thoughts and what i have found to work for me