View Full Version : Impromptu character units and 'look out sir'

24-08-2010, 18:05
Just have a few questions on how look out sir works (if at all) in a unit of impromptu characters. Say 6 goblin heroes for example. If a cannonball hits one, can he get a 'look out sir' roll? If so, who takes the hit? Do you randomize or do you choose?

Assuming that you CAN'T take a look out sir, if they are in range of another unit of the same type, do they still get their 4+ 'look out sir?' (note: the wording in the entry for the 4+ 'look out sir' on p97 "...a "Look Out Sir!" roll can be attempted, provided there is a friendly unit consisting of 5 or more models of the character's troop type within 3"... On a roll of 4+... the hit is transferred to a model in the friendly unit?" Seems to suggest that if you DO get to make the look out sir, you get to choose which model it hits.)

Another scenario; You have a character, a champion and 4 rank and file models. Can Either the champion or character take a look out sir?

24-08-2010, 18:08
except the heros are already in a unit.. with no Rank and File... pretty straight forward bud :)

and you answered this one in the other question, you need 5 RNF, champions are not RNF (unless its changed and i dont think it has)

24-08-2010, 18:23
Yeh that's what I thought too. But then I read the 4+ "look out sir" in the character section and it says a unit with 5 MODELS needs to be within 3". Which suggests that they don't specifically have to be 'non-hero' models.

TBH I don't know which to trust because it's probably the most confusingly written section of the army book (Considering the issue with only being usable against shooting attacks which was corrected in the FAQ, as well as the fact that the "look out sir" rule itself never actually addresses characters. It makes sense that you wouldn't get one, but it seems really weird that if a character joins a 4 strong unit with champ he gets no save, but if he's 3" away from it he gets a 4+:shifty:.

I think the problem stems from firstly the fact that due to the "look out sir!" rule being written for Unit champions, it's a little bit ambiguous as to what exactly counts as a rank and file model and secondly that what should be one rule has been split under the rules for two completely different model types.

I also assume by the wording in the character section that you can choose what model the wound is transferred to (i.e. don't have to randomize to champ).

IMO it's just a really ambiguously written rule...