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24-08-2010, 20:43
Hi All,

Ihavent really played much Warhammer and thought i would take the opportunity of 8th ed to perhaps finish up some armies i have figures for.

The people I am most likely to play with play 2000 points usually so here we go. Comments and critic appreciated.

Wizard Lord (Lvl 4 Lore of Life)
Rod of Power
Van Horstmanns speculum

Captain of the Empire - BSB
Armour of Meteoric Iron
Dawn Stone

Warrior Priest
Great weapon, Heavy armour
Holy relic

29 Halberdiers
Full command
15 Swordsmen

29 Swordsmen
Full command
15 Halberdiers

12 Handgunners
Marksman - Hochland longrifle

10 Knights
Full command

24 Greatswords
Full Command




you may not this is slightly more than 2000 pts I need to see what odd 24 points to drop.

2024 pts.

Dark Aly
24-08-2010, 22:41
Units of 10 knights don't have a huge use as far as i can tell- either 12 (6x2) or 6 (3x2). 12 so that they have to suffer 2 casualties before they no longer disrupt ranks. units of 6 seem to work with great weapons and a musician to get into the enemies flanks and provide kills to combats involving your big state troops blocks.

i would personally prefer a pistolier unit or a 2nd cannon to the helblaster but thats my preference and not to say ones better than the other.

you could drop 3 greatswords and run them 7x3 and put a musician in the handgunners.

24-08-2010, 22:51
Thanks for the suggestions, i shall take proper look tomorrow, its a shame that GW knights seem the way if i want to drop them down unit size as i already have some lance armed knights.

Spiney Norman
25-08-2010, 09:37
Give the wizard Lord the talisman of endurance, if your going for challenges with the speculum he needs the survivability.

I think you might have a problem with not having a Ld9 general, you could look into upgrading your warrior priest to an Arch lector to solve this problem

10 Knights are fine if they're lance armed, with a 1+ sv they're not that easy to kill, thats actually how I field my knights.

Your infantry units are very small, 30 is fine for Greatswords but you want to be pushing 35-40 for halberdiers or spears.

Also I would give all non-detachment units a banner if they can have them, it will help immensley in the breakpoint scenario.

finally I would just say that helblasters are very risky without an engineer, you might want to consider another mortar or a helstorm rocket battery instead.

26-08-2010, 22:22
Here's a rather altered list.

Not sure I am happy with it, I like all the characters as they are, but thats a big chunk of the army right there.

I am also still not sure if I want to take life for the WL or not.

Wizard Lord (Lvl 4 Lore of Life)
Rod of Power
Holy Relic 285

General of the Empire
Full plate, great weapon
Obsdian Amulet
Ironcurse Icon 133

Captain of the Empire - BSB
Armour of Meteoric Iron
Dawn Stone 125

Warrior Priest
Great weapon, Heavy armour
Talisman of Endurance 128

34 Halberdiers
Full command
15 Swordsmen 190

34 Swordsmen
Full command
15 Halberdiers 229

12 Handgunners
full command 116

6 Knights
Full command 162

29 Greatswords
Full Command 320


Cannon 100

Mortar 75

5 Outriders
Marksman and Musician-hochland long rifle 134

Spiney Norman
27-08-2010, 06:42
Looks great to me, I think you have all the bases covered, play some games and see how it goes

27-08-2010, 19:31
List looks pretty similar to what I am working towards. Very balanced.

Few comments (take it or leave it because i think your list seems pretty solid):

Don't feel like you HAVE to take Life. Experiment with Shadow for example. I think Life has a lot of synergy with the Steam Tank but you're not running a steam tank

Not sure how necessary full command is for the knights, and it's very expensive to give it to them. It isn't very expensive to give command to the handgunners, but again i'm not sure how much mileage you'll get out of it. If you trim those points, and maybe trim the hochland from the outriders, you'd have enough to buy an engineer for your war machines or another mortar or something.

I don't really care for the General's load out, and you're not taking advantage of his ability to give a unit a magic standard either. Even a really cheap magic standard like the one that grants flaming attacks can give you a leg up on stuff that would otherwise give your state troops problems. Maybe give the BSB the enchanted shield and regular Full plate, and then give the general the AoMI since he can't use a shield with the GW.

27-08-2010, 21:24
I think the out riders are a bit expensive, amyeb another cannon?


28-08-2010, 09:40
Thanks for the replies guys, now for my comments on your comments :D

I may well change the lore around on the wizard, luckily the people I am likely to play against, at least in the beginning, are just a small group who will probably be perfectly fine with me experimenting with the lores to see which I like best. I must agree in that I like Shadow, and metal may be worth a try also as I think there are a few dwarf players among us.

Command groups: Is there not a mission where having those extra standards is a good plan anyway ? I realise the knights should rarely be in a position where the standard makes such a huge different to the CR as I should have another unit also in the combat but I am unsure. Also the musician helping with the rallying. What have other people found with running the command squads in these sort of units?

I really like the Hochland rifle on the outriders, being only 5 points and with a high BS for the champion too I just thought it was a useful addition.

As for the General, his load out is there primarily to buff a unit, although yes I can see that perhaps he could do with some extra defence.

Of course I would have to find the points to do that, as I think this comes to only a couple shy of 2000.

Not sure on the engineer, I do only have 2 Warmachines here and I am already pretty character heavy for 2000 points I feel.

As for Outriders Vs Cannon, I had heard good things about Outriders are they not actually that good then? Dropping them for a cannon would allow me to make the minor character changes I guess.

28-08-2010, 21:00
I think smaller detachments work still very well. 2 detachments of 6 are handy and save you points. use them to redirect (hold up) enemy units and get that +1 for flank. Their small size makes them a lot more practical to use and move around too.
You could switch the outriders for pistoleers and save some more points. You would get a more flexible unit in that deal too. Support units are still important enough to get some more (extra detachments as above, or some naked knights).
Personally I like to have more, smaller units (26-30 men) to have more flexibility and more deployment options. With only 6 deployments, you might get outdeployed often.

28-08-2010, 22:22
so ignore the ability to negate their ranks with detatchments entirely? and dropping 5 or so from each unit also doesnt really give me any points to do anything productive with. Not sure on pistolliers over outriders, i keep hearing differing opinions on the matter LOL What are peoples experiences with one over the other ?