View Full Version : Repainting armies is a lot easier on my bank account

05-03-2006, 21:39
Ive basically been out of the hobby for a few years while i go to school and get my life in order. now that im ready to start gaming again, i find myself having those cravings telling me to buy a new army (VC).
I work, so I could probably afford some models here and there, but i have no one to play with. so instead of buying new models, I started to repaint my existing models. I went through my remaining orc models, and am now starting to redo my HE. Oddly enough, i find that just revisiting these armies and repainting a few here and there is enough to satisfy my needs for new models. For me at least, this seems to be very helpful in keeping my debit card away from GW stores. although I do still want to paint up a reg. of skellies. i love those guys.

Captain Brown
06-03-2006, 16:25

Some of my armies have been repainted three times or more (if you check out my gallery you will see older models being re-cycled into newer armies).

There is nothing wrong with that, although many people say it is too much effort to strip an old army and would rather sell it on eBay or trade it away.

Main thing to do is make sure you get off the old paint (otherwise the successive coats will build up and mask the detail of the models).

Other option is doing a unit at a time, rather than the whole army at once, this way you can still game with most of them while you update the look.

Captain Brown