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25-08-2010, 17:17
Ok this rule has gone a bit wierd so hoping for assistance in case im blind and cant see the obvious.

The expendable rule has changed in the new skaven errata to delete the last two lines. which basically means they have taken away the randomising factor. So first off templates? do they hit what they hit and no mention to randomising, which to be fair is a fair assumption now. however the wierd part is the "normal" missle fire. By what i can see they dont randomise now either. so it is now plauseable to blob down a unit with slaves and open up with rattling guns with no fear of hitting friendlys.

Any thoughts? It just seems wierd as it goes against the normal fluff of cant shoot in combat in fear of hitting friendlys.


25-08-2010, 17:29
Yep. You can just shoot into enemy units /w slaves in combat and have no fear of hitting your own slaves. In addition, with templates they hit whatever the template it over so if it doesn't touch the slaves it doesn't hit the slaves at all.

26-08-2010, 04:45
Its one of our best tactics