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25-08-2010, 20:49
Alright, so there are a few books that I would love to get the story of in the 40k-Verse. Unfortunately I don't have the patience to read, my ADD really doesn't help with that, so Audio Books are my choice. But now to my point.

Are there Audio Books of the Enforcer Omnibus or the Soul Hunter night lords Novel? I have been unable to find them, and now is curious if they even exist.

Any help would be great. Thank You.

Son of Sanguinius
25-08-2010, 21:08
Check here. (http://www.blacklibrary.com/Home/Search-Results.html?filter_type=6&filter_Action=0&filter_name=SearchTerm&submit=GO&filter_value=audio+books)

25-08-2010, 21:13
Thanks, I did find that before, and unfortunately it does not contain the Audio Books I want. Is it safe to assume they do not exist then?

Son of Sanguinius
25-08-2010, 21:18
Yeah, if it's not on the website, they either never made it or don't make it anymore, and when out of print they'd likely tell you.

26-08-2010, 16:23
The audiobook range is mostly composed of stories which were written specifically for audio, and which aren't (and haven't been) available in paperback form. The exceptions to this are The Lightning Tower/The Dark King, which was a limited edition chapbook first; Heart of Rage, which is available in the POD Book of Blood, and a forthcoming abridged audio version of Horus Rising.

I've not heard anything to suggest the omnibus and the novel you're looking for will become available.

07-09-2010, 21:31
It looks like BL is making an audiobook out of Horus Rising. In the latest BL preview sampler (you can find them at your local GW), there is a listing for an abridged audio book version of Horus Rising.

07-09-2010, 22:33
False Gods just appeared on BL's Coming Soon webpages as an abridged audio, too.

14-09-2010, 03:27
The BL audio-boks are awesome, in my oppinion.
There is a Night Lords one, "throne of lies" which is one of the very best.
I love listening to them while I paint.