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the godfather
26-08-2010, 10:41

Fritz von carstein / Flying horror / Ghoulkin / Sword of kings
Infinite hatred / nightshroud / Wristbands of black gold 360pts


Hans von carstein / Forbidden lore / The cadaverous cuirass
Black periapt / sword of might 180pts

Necromancer / Dispel scroll 80pts

Necromancer / Dispel scroll 80pts


20 Skeleton warriors / Full command 180pts

20 Skeleton warriors / Full command /
spears / Banner of hellfire 210pts

20 Crypt Ghouls / champion 168pts

20 Crypt Ghouls / champion 168pts

Corpse cart / Balefire 100pts


5 Cairn Wraiths / Tomb banshee 275pts

Black Coach 200pts

Fritz von carstein is a vampire lord

Hans von carstein id a vampire

Dark Aly
26-08-2010, 13:00
only one dispel scroll is alowed per army.
Fritz seems a bit vulnerable for your general to be honest, if he dies you loose.
if you play the mission where standards and general count for fortitude then those two skele blocks NEED to be protected at all costs (or fritz-but see above) making Hans into a BSB would help this.

It's strange to see a VCs army without graveguard too.

Fancy Salami
30-08-2010, 13:56
Since none of your vampires have summon ghouls or summon skeletons, you cannot exceed starting numbers of either your skeletons or your ghouls. If you do a bad round of CC in your own round, your units will probably crumble in your opponent's combat phase. I'd either boost the numbers to 25, or at least give one of the vampires a summon ability. Especially for the purpose of protecting your banners.

I agree with Dark Aly that your vampire is a bit too vulnerable here, and I also like the GG unit. You need some hard hitters. Skeletons are close to useless in CC, and most experienced players remember to kill the vampire first...

30-08-2010, 20:59
I agree 20 is way too small a unit size if you're unable to grow them above starting size.

You could easily lose 15 of them in one combat due to Unstable.

I would boost the skeletons up to 25-30 at least.