View Full Version : My lizards vs ogres, help me please

26-08-2010, 11:34
hi ther!
my friend is picking up ogres after a few empire games, and i need to tailor my lizards to him.
i have limited experience with my lizards, a couple of games (would have won the second if he didn't blast my slann with purple sun)
ne way, i have part of a list, 1750 points

focus mystery
focus rumnation
cuupped hands

Saurus 20

Saurus 20

Skink skirmishers 15

Skink skirmishers 15

Temple guard - 20

that does leave about 330 points left, and i don't know what to do with the others
i'm tempted for more skinks, or maybe two scarvets to boost the two saurus units.
maybe some krox's or cold cavelry

maybe get the revered guardian with hornet sword

also, i'm throwing up between fire or light on my slann

remember... ogres

thanks for the help


26-08-2010, 12:22
guys please, i need help
don't leave me out to dry

26-08-2010, 12:24
Well I don't know much about lizards, but I fight often against ogres.
They're not numerous, but very strong: high toughness, lots of wounds (but low armour).
Not so fast, but they still can hit you hard, especially in V8 with the new monster rules, and the trampling thing.

Their magic is not so powerful but have ridiculously low casting cost, and is mostly buffs for their own unit or regeneration for the characters. It's annoying when the almost dead general heals each time you're close to kill it.

So you need to be aggressive.
Do you have chameleon skinks? Poison could be great, no to wound roll.
Do you have a big saurus with a bolt thrower? Should be handy.
Heavy weapons or big creature is a must.

Beware of: cannibals. They can hit you pretty hard in the back, they cause fear.
If he plays Skrag, they can be numerous (specials instead of rare) and even more powerful.

26-08-2010, 12:31
Oh, and the pesky little gnoblard trappers are annoying too, especially in V8, they are skirmishers and can march AND shoot.
They're cheap. So you can have big impact ogre units in the front, and cannibals/gnoblards in the back, that's when it begin to sucks :)

26-08-2010, 12:37
cheers for the advice

i reckkon, one of two things

a normal steg and 6 chamo skinks
or a anchient steg and add a few more skirmmishers (only about 2 or 3)

so any advice?

and which lore? light or fire?

26-08-2010, 12:59
I'd go for fire. One of their spell gives regeneration and magical resistance to one unit.
And with fire no regeneration, and the more spells you launch, the easiest they burn.

For the steagadon, normal should be fine.
Giant bow looks good.

The fact that all your skings can shoot with poison is good.
Chameleon skinks can be handy, trying to kill the leadbelchers in the back, or a warmachine if he has one.

29-08-2010, 03:54
i got eaten by the ogres

first turn started well, i rolled off first and got my chameleons into a building and moved my forces up
managed to kill the ledbelchers with chamo skinks and magic, but i forgot about my stegadon half the time.
my slann and temple guard got eaten by his squad of iron guts, with his tyrant, despite me getting a charge
i won a combat between saurus and guts, only because on the third turn i ran my stegadon into their side, and i managed to kill the gorger the turn he came in with 14 skinks throwing javelines
other than that, i died. spectacully
my slann failed to cast any spells twice in a row, even after rolling a 6 and a 5 on winds of magic.

oh well, better luck next time

29-08-2010, 21:23
So poison seems to work good.
Maybe try a list with even more poisonned attack.

29-08-2010, 23:10
Yes, in with a big dino. You shouldnt either underestimat a saurus hero to boost your CR.

30-08-2010, 01:12
Lots of skinks. Skinks will run around him all day, killing just less than an ogre a turn statistically. Good for misdirection too. Take units of 10 with blowpipes, for a mere 70pts each.

I personally don't take more than 2 blocks of saurus (including temple guard). This means you have the points for a decent support (although due to min core, you will need a fairly beefy unit of ~25 saurus and 30 odd skinks). Musician on saurus works fairly well for 6pts (swift reform to get out of sticky situations).

Taking a hero to complement the slann works well. Either go for combat hero to lead the saurus (against ogres specifically, piranha blade works wonders).

As for the slann, your setup is pretty nice. Becalming Cogitation is usually an include for me - it stops uber spells very well. Against ogres, you just make life a lot easier and increase his ogres to fail substantially.

Take a couple of stegs. They're fun and work passably well (not especially versus ogres, better versus other armies. But better than saurus cav / krox at any rate, and you need some flankers).

Finally on the lore for slann, think about shadow. Pit of Shades nukes ogres with their I2, Okkam's Mind(machette)razor turns saurus into killy machines with S8, and the various debuffs spells really can muck up ogre units. Remember - assume your units will win the battle for you, the slann is just there to help things along. Doing it the other win around means slann dead = game over.