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26-08-2010, 12:10
Hi everyone, list for an upcoming 2250 pt games against a mte who has a dark elves force, need some C&C to help me out, as far as i know this is his list below my WoC list. Thanks all

Chaos sorcoror lord. Level 4, chaos armour, blood of tzeentch (300)
Exalted hero, Battle-standard, chaos armour, book of secrets, shield, mark of tzeentch (175)
Exalted hero, Chaos armour, deamonic mount, charmed shield, stream of corruption, mark of khorne, Axe of Khorne. (245)
Wulfrik the wanderer (185)
20 Marauders, shields, mark of tzeentch, musician, standard, champion (140)
18 Warriors, shields, mark of tzeentch, musician, standard, champion (338)
18 warriors, shields, mark of tzeentch, musician, standard, champion (338)
5 Marauder horsemen, shields, musician, throwing spears (81)
15 warhounds (90) (3 units of 5 most likely)
15 marauders, shields (75) (wulfrik here most likely)
5 Chaos Knights, Full command, Mark of Khorne (280)


Dreadlord - 400pts
- armour of darkness, heartseeker, manticore.


Sorceress - 160pts
- lvl 2 wizard, whip of agony.

Sorceress - 175pts
- lvl 2 wizard, ring of darkness.

Master - 123pts
- armour of eternal servitude, halberd, seadragon cloak.


20 Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen - 225pts
- shields, guardmaster.

17 Black Ark Corsairs - 223pts
- handbows, reaver, standard bearer, musician, sea serpent standard, pair of handbows for reaver.

Assasin - 146pts
- extra hand weapon, rune of khaine, manbane, cry of war.


15 Witch Elves - 200pts
- hag, musician, standard bearer, witchbrew.

5 Cold One Knights - 200pts
- dread knight, musician, standard bearer, banner of murder.


War Hydra - 175pts

2 Reaper Bolt Throwers - 200pts

26-08-2010, 14:00
if i am not mistaken, the list for dark elves is illegal since assasins don't count towards points in core...

26-08-2010, 15:14
I never take a lord without a good ward save (also what lore are you taking).

5+ Parry save is ok for the BSB, giving him Necrotic Phylactery would be a good (cheap) way to protect him from some magic.

I've never used Marauders with the 5+ Parry save, only in a Khorne horde...my gut instinct is that you will need more than 20 though.

Some type of fire attacks to deal with the Hydra could be useful or the blasted standard to help with all the shooting that your opponent has.

28-08-2010, 18:18
You should be ok. Once you neutralize his RBT, hydra and Cold One Knights, he will have a hard time against your warriors.
So protect/screen those till you get said targets out of the way.