View Full Version : 2500pts Vampire Counts- The Red Duke (fluffy)

26-08-2010, 16:53
My attempt at a fluffy army, where I thought up the background and then wrote the list (usually I am the other way round as I tend towards the schoold of playing to win-although not at the cost of a good game)

The idea is the army of the Red Duke of Aquitaine-I am in the process of writing the background up into a short article. Basically the army is set after the Red Duke's second defeat at Ceren Fields (hence a brettonian theme), in his ongoing struggle against the Kings of Brettonia.

The Red Duke, Duke of Aquitaine
Vampire Lord 205
Lore of Vampires 0
Dread Knight 25
Infinite Hatred 25
Red Fury 50
Book of Arkhan 35
Nightshroud 20
Blood Drinker 40
Dragonbane Gem 5

Henri le Grosmont, Equerry to the Duke
Wight 75
Battle Standard Bearer 25
Shield/Heavy Armour 0
Barded Steed 20
Lance 12
Drakenhof Banner 125

Stephen de Worde, Keeper of the Privy Seal, Court Magician
Necromancer 55
Invocation of Nehek
Vanhel's Danse Macabre 15
Dispel Scroll 25

William Ponyges, Chancellor of the Duchy
Necromancer 55
Invocation of Nehek
Vanhel's Danse Macabre 15
Black Periapt 15

Geoffrey le Beaumont, Marshal of Aquitaine, Constable of Arrays
Wight 75
Hand Weapon/Shield 0
Flayed Hauberk 25

The Levy of the Array
38 Skeleton Warriors 304
Standard/Musician 12

38 Skeleton Warriors 304
Standard/Musician 12
(A Necromancer is in each of these units)

Sergeants of the Duchy
24 Grave Guard 288
Standard/Musician 18
Banner of the Barrows 45
(Geoffrey le Beaumont in this unit)

10 Hunting Dogs (Dire Wolves) 80pts

The Knights Pariah
8 Blood Knights 440
Standard 20
Royal Standard of Strigos 35

(Both the Red Duke and Henri le Grosmont are in this unit)

Total = 2500 pts

Lords = 405<625
Heroes = 537<625
Core = 632 (+80)>625
Special = 351<1250
Rare = 495<625

Any comments, both on the list and the idea?