View Full Version : 3k Beasts - infantry heavy

26-08-2010, 16:55
Hi guys, just consider a new list and could do with some opinions on it's viability:

Beastlord with hand weapon, shield, Ram Horn Helm, Dawn stone, +2 save gift, crown of command

Great Bray Shaman, talisman of preservation, level 4, dispel scroll

Bray shaman, Chalice of dark rain

Wargor, bsb, armour of destiny

50 ungor, command
35 Gor, command
35 Gor, command
30 Gor, command (ambush)
Tuskgor chariot
Tuskgor chariot

5 harpies
5 harpies
25 bestigor, command, banner of eternal flame
25 bestigor, command

It's quite a bit of infantry, obviously, so it might be rather slow. Tried to counter-act that with the chalice, harpies and ambushers, who will, hopefully, buy me some time vs shooty armies.

Also undecided on lores for my Shamen. Thoughts?