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26-08-2010, 20:05
So I have my first game of 8th with my new skaven army coming up, I've played a couple of games of 8th with my old dusty high elves so I have some idea what 8th is about, but I'm completely new to the skaven.

How well would this list fare against Vampire Counts (the army I'm facing). Have I missed something important? Thanks.

Vermin Lord - 500

Plague Priest - 279
Dispell Scroll
Plague Furnace, Flail (pushed by Plague Monks unit)

Warlock Engineer - 115
Level 1 Wizard
Warp-Energy Condenser, Doom Rocket

35 Clanrats - 220
Full Command, Rattling Gun

30 Clanrats - 197.5
Full Command, Rattling Gun

20 Skavenslaves - 42

20 Skavenslaves - 42

5 Giant Rats/1 Packmaster - 23

5 Giant Rats/1 Packmaster - 23

34 Plague Monks - 293
Full Command
Plague Banner

6 Plague Censar Bearers - 96

4 Rat Ogres/1 Packmaster - 168

26-08-2010, 21:28
Well I have some tips.

CHARECTERS: First of all it is the general consensus is that the vermin lord is over priced. For his cost, you could have a grey seer AND hell pit abomination... So I reccomend a grey seer instead for sure, make him the general. This gives you a whole bunch of points to fiddle with. Take a chieftan battle standard bearer. These are a skaven godsend, and melt all your leadership troubles away as long as they stay alive. Don't bother storm banner vs vamps, they have no shooting.

Furnace is good. Clan rats are good, I find 30 to be a good unit size but some like more. Ratling guns IMO are not super duper, as they have to hit now and don't crank out the kills. HOWEVER, warp fire throwers are golden, albeit at the cost of being a bit more self destructive. They are amazing just for the possibility of shooting onto units stuck in combat with slaves, thanks to the expendable rule. On the slaves though, 20 is too small. They die really fast, and need ranks for steadfast. I'd crank both units up to 30 or 35. Not sure what you will do with 5 giant rats. They don't negate flanks if a single one dies, and even on a flank charge will all get killed giving your opponent more combat res. Plague censor bearers are not as good anymore due to low I and always taking hits from step up. Even if you kill 17 zombies, 10 will still attack back provided it's a big enough unit.

So there you have it. A WLC or PCC would add some good artillery, HPA would fare well against their more hitty stuff, or grind through the meat shields. Instead of giant rat missiles you could run units of 5 gutter runners for harrassing, which can either scout or sneaky infiltrate. If you take our vermin lord and PCBs, you have a whole lot of points to work with.

28-08-2010, 00:08
For me the other big point with the Vermin lord is that with a lack of any other single targets he'll most likely get zapped in the first turn as he can't join any of your units.
i'd second the call for a grey seer and the HPA, or a doomwheel and maybe with the extra points bump your slaves up, 20 won't last too long. the extra levels in the magic phase should help you throw a few suprises :)