View Full Version : Dark Elves 1500pts

26-08-2010, 20:29
Right here is my first DE army so what you think

Amour of Darkness
Crimson Death. 130pts
He goes with the Executioners

Sorceress (2)
Sacrafical Dagger. 160pts
Goes with spearmen

Sorceress (2) 135pts

Dark elf Warriors x30.
Full command. 185pts

Dark elf R.crossbowmen x16. 160pts

Dark elf R.crossbowmenx18. 180pts

Cold one knights x5.
Full command. 175pts

Executioners x14.
Full command. 198pts

War Hydra. 175pts

Army total. 1498 pts

26-08-2010, 22:01
Unfortunately the master cannot join Executioners as he is not Khainite. Swap them for Black Guard.

Your heroes come to 425 points, you're only allowed 375 in 1500pts.