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Son of Sanguinius
26-08-2010, 21:31
Simple question.

Are Chaos Raptors still a cult of mercenary warriors or are they a generic term for Chaos Space Marines with jump packs? Thanks to any and all who reply.

Lord Lorne Walkier
26-08-2010, 21:44
Simply question.

Are Chaos Raptors still a cult of mercenary warriors or are they a generic term for Chaos Space Marines with jump packs? Thanks to any and all who reply.

Both is my understanding. Depending on the legion/ chapter and how long they have spent in the Eye of Terror. The ones who have been in warp infested space freak out and want to spend all their time flying around. I would love to see how A-DB handles them in his NL novels. I think one is on the cover of his new book.

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26-08-2010, 21:55
Well, the Codex entry now better represent generic Chaos Marines with Jumppacks, as the codex in general supposedly puts emphasis on more "contemporary" renegades like Huron and his gang.

The previous codex better represented the Raptor Cult with their rare and superior lost tech pattern jumppacks (thus they had Hit-and-run).

(No, not a big fan of the streamlining, took a lot of the flavour out of the list, but hey...)

26-08-2010, 22:03
From what I understand, those raptors that stayed in the warp for too long became roaming bacnds of mercinaries, living to ride the tides and eddies of the warp and hunt. There is a possibility that those that didn't and stayed in a more organised formation (such as those that were a part of the Night Lords and Alpha Legion) may not be like this though.

26-08-2010, 22:15
My idea is that the first Raptors would be the orginal Cult. and now the term has become to apply to all chaos-alligned marines with jump packs. And in the terms of the mercenaries could depend on the legion and so forth

26-08-2010, 23:23
The first raptors were only assault marines with JP. Raptor cult was a mindfap of some codex designer.

27-08-2010, 04:58
It's still worth noting that, while Raptors might just be a term for Chaos Assault marines, the Raptors themselves might still consider themselves a cult, despite different allegiances. Or, at the very least, an exclusive gentlemen's club. I can almost imagine them flocking from their respective warbands to club meetings and looking down on other troops :))

They certainly could be made to share the sort of arrogance common to the more glamorous branches of the military in the present. Imagine, say, paratroopers or fighter pilots...

27-08-2010, 10:24
I guess Raptors were originally just Chaos Assault Marines, but since they went and made them into their own Cult (and then made them just Assault Marines in the CSM Codex), I think it would be cool to, in the next Codex, give any unit with wings or jump packs the option of joining the Raptor Cult, separate from the God Cults. This would give them their own bonus, in a similar fashion to Marks (Hit and Run, Morale damage).

27-08-2010, 10:37
I've always taken the line that you can view them as either, depending on the rest of the background of your army. I don't think there's any particular slant on them if you just look at their entry in C:CSM, however as Scalebug points out, the rest of the codex places stuff in context of "recent renegades". View them how you choose.

Ba'al Starslayer
27-08-2010, 21:44
I think I read somewhere that they were a Legion within themselves, and were the only original Legion to have used JPs, which they used exclusively. They fell during the heresy and considered themselves supreme to others. The Legion split and they became roving bands of mercenaries. They still consider themselves supreme and thus have huge grudges and rivalries with every other squad in a Lord's warband.
During the Heresy Loyalists were given the right to use the technology, but obviously there were only a few Chaos Marines who could use them; the Raptors. I may be completely wrong in this, but I swear I read it somewhere.

27-08-2010, 22:42
You're half right - Only the very elite of the Legions, both Loyal and Traitor, had access to jumppacks, as they were rare technology at the time. So, when the Traitor Legions evolved into the Chaos-worshipping psychotic we know and love, the JP-equipped troops quickly assumed they were the best, and were rather arrogant.

They weren't a Legion to themselves though.

27-08-2010, 23:49
In the new book of short stories, Fear The Alien, the Chaos Raptors are the 9th Claw of the Night Lords - and they're not very humanoid any more - they're very beast-like (in armor). And heavily focused on close combat.