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26-08-2010, 23:07
Up until now I’ve been gaming with a purely gun line style force, though I enjoy playing like this I’d like to branch out a little and create a more rounded list to make games a little more varied. Having read a few ‘tacticas’ and from my own experience with both this army and with my Skaven and Chaos beforehand, I would like to create a competitive army (local tournament standard) with a more combative approach.
I’ve seen the idea behind my basic vision for this list referred to as oblique flank tactics, effectively a variation on refused flank. The Idea being to provide a strong defensive flank (in my case generally static) that is the first to be set up, thus affecting my opponents deployment to coincide with it, with an arm which moves on the offensive and attempts to flank the opponents main force as it moves toward the bulk of my own. Obviously tactics will change from game to game but this is one I would particularly like to try and hopefully develop another tool for my personal tactical armoury.

‘Bulk Force’
General of the Empire 95pts
Full Plate Armour, Shield

Captain of the Empire 100pts
Armour of Meteoric Iron, Battle Standard

Master Engineer 65pts

40 Spearmen 340pts
Full Command, Detachment of 20 Swordsmen

20 Crossbowmen 180pts
Standard Bearer, Banner of Eternal Flame

10 Handgunners 80pts

10 Handgunners 80pts

Mortar 75pts

Mortar 75pts

Great Cannon 100pts

The General and BSB would join the Spearmen and are there to provide moral for the bulk of the force, hopefully creating a reasonable anvil in the inevitable event of my lines being reached

‘Flanking Force’
Wizard Lord 295pts
Level 4, Lore of Life, Imperial Pegasus, Armour of Tarnus

Warrior Priest 96pts
Heavy Armour Shield

50 Halberdiers 270pts
Full Command

Steam Tank 300pts

Warrior Priest Provides Hatred for the Halberdiers as well as the odd prayer. The Mage is set up to support the units when close combat is reached, as well as helping to keep the Steam Tank in reasonable shape. The Steam Tank provides an unbreakable pivot for my flanking force with the halberdiers as the main hammer unit.

‘Miscellaneous Force’
5 Pistoliers 98pts

Will do whatever I need of them! War machine hunters, protection of my machines or just a fire base with some manoeuvrability.

Percentage and Points Totals (if your Interested!)
Lords: 390pts - 17.3%
Heroes: 261pts - 11.6%
Core: 950pts - 42.2%
Special: 348pts - 15.5%
Rare: 300pts - 13.3%

Hopefully below will also be a link to a diagram to the basic deployment layout and the areas of effect of the BSB, general and Engineer. I'd love to embed the image but I'm not sure how so if anyone could give me some advise that would be great!


The Warmachine deployment has some reason to it, when the flanking force moves they will gain direct line of sight to much of the board, the mortar way off in the back is to force the opponent to either go well out of the way to get to it, or to ignore it and risk taking its punishment.

Wall of Text and (hopefully) picture over, can you think of any input (of any kind) I would love to hear it all.
Thanks in advance.

ps. I seem to have embedded it as a thumbnail at the bottom, is it possible to move this up to the right part of the text.

27-08-2010, 20:18
shameful bump, no advice at all?

Kiras of the flame
28-08-2010, 01:22
I'm suprised there's so much tactical data on this....

Think my heads gone dizzy......

28-08-2010, 10:19
seriously? I didnt think I'd put that much info in, certainly compared the the articles about it I've read.

perhaps some more direct questions will generate some replies...
I was wondering what people think of the lvl 4 being on a pegasus, I can't say that I've seen a set up like this in many lists, is there a particular reason?
Also is the Master Engineer worth it, obviously he improved somewhat in the update for 8th, but is he better than say dropping him and manking the pistoliers into outriders? And if I did that would the outriders be able to perform similar duties to the pistoliers (though obviously with a more restrictive movement phase)


28-08-2010, 10:22
Keep the master engineer, keep the lv 4 on foot and give him rod of command. Drop the pistoliers and get an arch lector. Just what i'd do.

28-08-2010, 10:51
hmm I can understand the Rod of command, very versitile Item with particularly good senergy with the new magic rules, but why the AL? obviously the extra DD is handy (and helps the rod out) but it seems very expensive for the extra prayer which I find rarely casts if there is anything better around to use Dice on.

With being so Infantry heavy I'm unsure about losing the pistoliers, the likes of plagueclaws, screaming skulls etc etc are a worry, especially since they are dangerous if i leave them alone and are usually not to difficult to remove from the game. Am I over emphasising their effects?

28-08-2010, 20:45
I think the problem lies in making the oblique flank work. I'll explain.
You only have 6 deployments + characters. A lot of armies haven't even put down a significant amount of their troops by the time you have deployed all your units. Without some more (2 or 3) support troops (naked knights, pistoliers, a small unit of flaggies or something, your hammer will never arrive in time, due to being held up by small sacrificial units. I suggest dropping a mortar, the pegasus and maybe some halberdiers, and try to get in 2 extra support units.
Deploy the fast ones also near your defensive flank to draw even more attention to it, then relocate to the left (in this case), to help your hammer arrive by redirecting, holding up enemy support.
Support is still crucial in 8th. And in your case you want your hammer to arrive turn 3-4.
I agree with the Rod of Command (not Rod of Power) to protect your halberdiers from failing panic tests out of BSB range.
Hope this can help