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the godfather
27-08-2010, 09:35

High Queen Khalida 420pts


Liche priest / casket of souls / dispel scroll

Tomb Prince / chariot / chariot of fire / shield
light armour / Flail

Liche priest / cloak of the dunes 135pts


15 skeleton warriors / Blessing of the ASP /standard 160pts

15 skeleton warriors / Blessing of the ASP /standard 160pts

15 skeleton warriors / Blessing of the ASP 150pts

15 skeleton warriors / Blessing of the ASP 150pts

7 skeleton light horsemen / Blessing of the ASP 112pts

7 skeleton light horsemen / Blessing of the ASP 112pts


3 Chariots 120pts

3 Ushabti 195pts

Tomb scorpion 85pts


Screaming skull captapult / Skulls of the foes 110pts

Screaming skull captapult / Skulls of the foes 110pts

27-08-2010, 13:03
A few suggestions to consider:

1) Khalida counts as a Tomb King for the determination of where chariot points come from per the FAQ and she allows you to assign a banner to a skeleton warrior unit (see #2). Therefore, your Chariot unit comes out of Core points not Special. I don't like our horsemen personally and would replace those two units with chariots, but if they work for you, roll with them.

2) I would consolidate two of your skeleton archer units into a unit of 30 and give it the Banner of the Undying Legion for tarpit purposes. Skeletons drop like flies regardless of how you set them up honestly, but at least the Banner will mitigate some of their losses and not draw LP resources as much to keep them functional. I'd leave the other two units as smaller units of 15.

As written, your units are too small to be effective tarpits and will get walked over by anything that touches them. This tends to happen to skeletons regardless, but at least with a larger unit (that can still shoot plenty if deployed properly) it may not be quite so easy to destroy as simply getting in btb contact.

3) The Tomb Prince has several possible kit-outs. I like the Chariot of Fire, but there's also something to be said for the Ruby Ring and the Brooch of the Great Desert. I'd suggest giving each one a shot to see what you like best. I'm not a fan of Flails anymore, unless it's the Flail of Skulls. Most things will go before you, so I'd just use a mundane great weapon.

4) With the changes to flying, the Cloak of the Dunes is insufficient protection for a Liche Priest. Luckily, this guy isn't your Hierophant (I hope), so if you just want to be able to keep him in the thick of the action to incant, then the Cloak still works. A few possibilities include the Hieratic Jar, the Ruby Ring (if not on your Prince), the Staff of Ravening and the ubiquitous Collar of Shapesh. There's also something to be said for Enkhil's Kanopi to get rid of those annoying RiP spells.

5) I'm totally sold on Ushabti units of 4 arranged 2x2. They've been money for me each time I've fielded them, but points may be at a premium and this may not be an option. Surprisingly, I've found that if I don't have the points for 4 Ushbabies, a Bone Giant is a cheaper alternative that has surprisingly done right by me in the few times I've used him in their stead.

6) Tomb Scorpions and SSCs find their way into every single TK list ever created. You simply can't go wrong with these units/models.

Spiney Norman
27-08-2010, 13:19
Advising on a TK list under 8th Edition is something of a challenge because there aren't really any successful builds for a TK army in 8th Edition. Having said that, there are a few principles that would make your army work rather better.

1. Larger infantry units; combine your archer blocks into 2 blocks of 30, then they also stand something of a chance in combat.

2. Never take TK horsemen, the heavy varient is the worst unit in any army in the game, the light varient is little better, even with a vanguard move. the fact that they can't really accomplish anything other than shoot is a real downer.

3. Either Khalida OR heavy magic, not both. Khalida is ok, but she does leave a massive hole in your hieratic hierarchy as she has no regular incants of her own. If you really want to field her the best policy is to reject magic altogether (other than a hierophant) and concentrate on shooting poison. bear in mind its perfectly acceptable to use your Khalida model as a reg. King (Queen) as long as you make that clear to your opponent.

4. If you do go magic heavy, find a way to use your power dice, this can either be a King with the Wizarding hat, or a succession of magic items, like the ruby ring, the banner of the undying legion and Enkil's canopi. The staff of Ravening has never been worth its points so I wouldn't bother with it.

5. Ushabti and Bone giants are about the only things in our army that actually got better with the new edition, make sure you take them, lots of them.

Sorry for the bad news, and I wish you the best of luck, you're going to need it.