View Full Version : 750 Daemons for team event

27-08-2010, 12:09
OK, so me & a friend are going to look at entering a 1500pt team event, 750pt legal army each... but this is also going to be my core for building up to (at first) 100pts of daemons and then beyond

I'm going Khorne & pairing up with Tzeentch

His list is likely to be - Herald, 27-ish Horrors, 4-5 Flamers and then either furies or cutting some other points to get some Seekers

My list which i'd like some opinionss on as i'm yet to get a game of 8th in is:
Herald of Khorne - Chariot
25 Bloodletters - Full Command
3 Nurgling Bases

The other option in mind is to drop the nurglings & a bloodcrusher for a unit of 5 Flesh Hounds... the Chariot might not be the most effective choice but would look cool and seemingly provide a nice counter-charge to anything engaging the Letters... plan is for the bloodcrushers to be flanking the block with the nurglings out front acting as a distraction while the horrors can either be bait or pure magic support... Otherwise i'm completely open to suggestions but would like to keep the core of the list Khorne... and any ideas to build this up to a standalone Khorne list at 1k would be greatly appreciated