View Full Version : Pestilent Mucus question

27-08-2010, 12:53
Sorry I just need some clarification on this.

Say my guo is in base contact with a unit of 5x4 elven spearmen. During the combat the guo suffers two wounds and he has the gift of pestilent mucus.

Do the four in contact have to take two toughness tests, or do they take one, removing casualties, other elves step in to fill in for the dead elves, then all elves in base contact take a toughness test.

Basically can you only kill the four elves no matter how many times you are wounded?

27-08-2010, 13:02
You remove casualties from the rear of a unit so you can only ever hit the 4 in base contact with 2 tests.

However if one of them is a champion and he dies on the first test then another elf will step up and fill his place so I would say he would have to take the 2nd test.

27-08-2010, 13:10
The FAQ says the tests happen at the end of the combat and only those models in base contact can die to it.