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27-08-2010, 16:13
The herald

…The Herald class fighter is a well armed and armoured ground attack aircraft. We can trace the Herald's lineage to the X-36 ‘Meteor’ fighter which until M41.32 was a common sight in both loyalist and traitor forces.
The X-36 Meteor was a tactical fighter based on an incomplete STC, with both void and atmospheric capabilities which was hard pressed in the later centuries of M41.32 to deal with other purely atmospheric designs that were appearing in the forces of the enemy. Its precision built frame and temperamental but advanced engines made it difficult to mass produce and maintain.
After a chance discovery of a STC on Karnos in M41.32 the X-36 meteor was immediately replaced by the A-17 ‘Lightning’ as the main fighter in imperial forces, this was a valuable gain for the imperium of man who were now seen to have a significant edge in the skies.
Traitor forces sought to level the playing field and through unknown means managed to engineer a variant of the X-36’s twin PV-12 engines which was suitable for mass production with only slight reduction in output. These engines were then mounted on a radically redesigned and considerably lighter airframe. This high speed fighter soon became the favoured attack craft of the traitor forces and earned the moniker ‘Herald’ as its inception usually preceded an attack by the more dated enemy flyers.
Using the newly discovered A-17 STC the adepts of mars were able to better understand the X-36’s tempermental design and in M41.32 were able to produce the X-40 ‘Thunderbolt’ heavy fighter. The X-40 retained some of the impressive armament of its predecessor although on a lighter frame owing to the reduction of its V-1650’s power. This resulted in the Thunderbolts void ability to be limited to just deployment. The X-40 soon became the imperial navy’s primary fighter relegating the A-17 to a ground attack/reconnaissance role.
To combat this new threat forces working within the eye on the forge world Xana presumingly using similar methods in the development of the PV-12 engines, constructed a modified version of the V1650. This engine spawned a whole new series of aircraft including the Hellblade and Helltalon, due to the Herald’s performance at altitude compared to these newer airframes it was reassigned a purely ground attack status…

An excerpt from the writings of heretic archivist Josef miles

This small(ish) blurb is a backgound piece about a new chaos flyer i am scratchbuilding alongside my hellblades. I just wanted to run it by a few members to see if it makes sense before posting it in my plog.
I wanted to show how in real life airplanes are created with one purpose in mind and then often pick up new roles due to newer tech being available.
I have taken a bit of a liberty with the thunderbolt fluff, but its pretty vague and the lightning is so much cooler.
One thing i am struggling with is the 40k dates so i have listed them all as 'M41.32', i assume through reading IA and general flyer fluff tidbits that the lightning was discovered closer to the hersey than the present - help would be greatly appreciated.

C&C more than welcome