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27-08-2010, 19:52
grey seer
shadowmagnet, bell 460

warlock engineer
1lvl sorcerer
warp energy condensator thing
doom rocket 123

battle standard bearer
storm banner 111

---> 694

40 clan rats with hw & shields, full command
and poison wind mortar 265

40 clan rats with hw & shields, full command
and warp flamethrower 270

40 clan rats with hw & shields, full command
and poison wind mortar 265

----------> 800

30 plaque monks incl. command and plaque banner 265

6 rat ogres + 2 pack masters 256

--------> 521

Hell pit abomination 235

--------------------------------------------> total exactly 2250

alternatively i can drop the hpa for 1 dw and a catapult
for 2000 pts i can reduce units, exchange hpa for a wheel and drop the plaque banner

27-08-2010, 21:12
Well good news for you is that you get 25% for lords AND 25% for heros. Your grey seer and warlocks are in different catergories, no rules broken.

I would drop spears and go for bigger units like you were contemplating. You might also think about adding a storm banner to this list for some missile protection. Could take it instead of the plague banner if points are tight.

28-08-2010, 06:40
really 25% lords AND heroes?? crazy...i thought 25% for characters, but i was rater asking for elite... if its limited to 25% or 50% since my elite is some points over...

i thought spears were nice with the new rules, but okay, then i have 3x40 units...the plaque monks are a bit small but should survive due to their toughness.... i was also thinking about the storm banner, its just expensive and there is a spell that serves pretty much the same thing and i was speculating for that...and the shadow magnet...but you cant get enough youre right...points are just tight... but i think most 2000 point games will be increased to 2250 anyway
of course it also depends against who your playing regarding the missile protection... ill write an update

28-08-2010, 07:23
Its 50% special choices, so you are safe.

I'd drop the shooting weapons on the warlocks. And get a BSB, rerolls on all LD tests are to good to miss out! You might want to add a Scroll of Shielding to halv the number of casulties from a nasty nuke spell (4+ ward save instead of dispelling the spell, 15 pts).

I like the size of the clanrat units, but not sure about the 'thing-shredder'. One more Mortar would be better in my oppinion. Also your plaguemonks are a bit thin in numbers, and you have no slaves, so what about swapping one of the clan rat units for 5-10 monks and a block of slaves?

Not that I know from experience (new player here) but without save the rat ogers will take hard hits from enemy shooting/magic. If it was my list, I would probably swap them for a warplightning cannon and 1-2 5x Jezzails squads.

Oh, just noticed that you dont bring a bell. I'm not certain, but it almost feels like a mandatory choice. 18" LD range, magic resistance 2 / unbreakable for the unit and 4+ Ward save (2+ vs magic) makes it a very worthwhile investment.

28-08-2010, 07:56
...better now? made 2250, think is the new standard anyway...

isnt the grey seer very fragile in close combat since he can get attacked directly on the bell?

by the way your orc warlord looks sick!

is it worth to exchange packmasters for a master pack master? i think the electric whip is nice but doesnt do a thing if you have 2 ranks or can you position him in between the ranks and still get the bonus ranks (dont think so ha?)...and the moral value isnt such a big plus if youre close to the bell/general? a master would cost additional 16 points...could take him if i drop the warp energy condensator thing on the engineer....?

if the points would be upd to 2500 what would your additions be - some jezzails and gutrunners? or a doomwheel?

28-08-2010, 12:28
(remove the double post and edit the first to include the two others!)

Glad you like my warlord!

The list looks sweet now. Dunno about the master moulder, I really like the warp condensor. I'll play a similar list, but will swap the Rat Ogers for jezzails and a warplightning cannon, and probably run a squad of globadiers for an additional plague wind mortar.

I'm a bit split when it comes to Storm Banner, maybe its fine in your case. But as I'll play even more Skryre heavy, it will limit my weapon teams, jezzails and cannon to much I think.

Sure, the seer might be a bit vulnerable in combat. But he's got a 4+ ward save, so with some protection items he should be ok I think. Skalm is a popular choice.

28-08-2010, 12:58
the best thing i have the army together with 2 blood island boxes (which i share), 1 batallion box and a bell / hpa :shifty: