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27-08-2010, 20:42
At my LGS we play semi-competative lists, and I'm a big fan of fun and all things fun. My plan for this list was to get people to focus on my big single models so my heavy hitters can get into combat quickly:

Chaos Sorcerer: Lvl 4, MoT, Disk, Talisman of Preservation, Blood of Tzeentch, Enchanted Shield, Conjoined Homunculus = 420 pts

Exalted Hero: BSB, Shield, Dragonhelm, Heroslayer = 180 pts

50x Marauders: F/C, MoK, Great Weapons = 305 pts

18x Warriors: Shields, MoT, F/C = 333 pts

5x Hounds = xxx pts

5x Hounds = xxx pts

6x Chaos Ogres: Chaos Armor, Great Weapons, MoK = 380 pts

6x Knights: MoK = 270 pts

6x Trolls = xxx pts

Hellcannon = xxx pts

I've also got about 100 points left, suggestions? C&C appreciated:



29-08-2010, 07:34
I think it looks like a great list. It looks alot like the lists I play. I would never however take Conjoined Homunculus on a Sorcerer Lord for two reasons.

1. Ld8 and 400 point model... no good odds. He might get stuck there and charged, bad idea.
2. Third Eye of Tzeentch is a lot better enabling you to take Lore of XXXX meanwhile you can copy spells of your enemy.

I would also beef that Warrior unit up to 24 (6x4) OR remove one troll and a few marauders to try and squeeze Throgg the Troll King in with the trolls.

Good luck.

29-08-2010, 09:25
Good list, here are my thoughts.

- I agree with Rochr about Conjoined Homunculus, I always fail ld8 even with a bsb nearby, I would replace it with Bloodcurdling roar.

- Your BSB could do with a mark and a bit more protection. Also stream of corruption is always fun to surprise opponents with.

- If you want to run 18 warriors I would mark them Khorne and give them halberds or keep the same mark and give them the banner of rage. If you want them more to hold stuff up so your knights or ogres can hit stuff, 20 with the warbanner or rapturous standard, would be good for 5x4.

- Might as well give your knights and Ogres a standard.

Hope that helps, have fun


29-08-2010, 14:46
I like the conjoined homunculus, since he is your only caster if you failed to cast a spell and have 2 more you wanted to cast after it, it might be worth the risk of being stupid (which on Ld 8 is only 27.8% of the time, if you can re-roll it will only fail 7.7% of the time).

It is a situational item, but I think it is really helpful in some cases.

29-08-2010, 17:54
Yeah, looks good just get standards on the knights and ogres, and some extra protection on your bsb. Other than that very nice.

29-08-2010, 19:19
some extra protection on your bsb.

What kind of protection, I've already got him a 2+ AS, 2+ ward vs. flaming attacks, what would be a good build then?

29-08-2010, 21:18
What kind of protection, I've already got him a 2+ AS, 2+ ward vs. flaming attacks, what would be a good build then?

Tzeentch is good so you have a nice 5+ ward in combat, and necrotic phylactery to help against those pesky sniping spells. It really does help, a dead BSB can really muck up battle plans.

30-08-2010, 02:19
That horde of marauders is going to cause some carnage if it doesn't get shot up too badly before it hits home. My friend ran an identical unit in today's game and it did 26(!) wounds in one round. Needless to say I lost that combat and the game.

With that in mind if I were you I'd throw out a few things and us that spare 100 points to get another clump of 25-30 of those marauders, maybe with flails. At roughly 6 points each not many similarly priced things have a hope of winning.