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28-08-2010, 06:43
For this next log the McDonald City Guards have been called to repulse the army of Orc Warlord Bazrag, whose Waaagh has reached the borders of the city....

My Empire army now faces Lance's predominantly Orc horde

This time I decided to try out the Empire general with a Crown of Command, to make him and a unit of regular state troops he joins with stubborn (I picked the halberdiers)...and this frees my archlector on the War Altar from babysitting the main forces, as it shal be the General who shall provide the ld 9....

The McDonald City Guard


General Fredriksen (Full Plate, shield, Dragonhelm, Crown of Command, Talisman of endurance, Sword of striking) 185 (joins Halberdiers)
Arch Lector Fernando (Heavy armor, shield, Hammer of might, War Altar) 249


Captain Sylvester (BSB, Armor of Meteoric Iron, Biting blade) 105 (Joins Greatswords)
Shawn the Magus (Level 2 Beastmage) Amber Spear, Wyssan's Wildform 100 (Joins Bronze spears)


29 Halberds of Sigmar (Razor standard, musician) 202
with a detachment of 14 Swordsmen 84

30 Spearmen of Sigmar (Std., Musician) 162
with a detachment of 13 free company 65

19 Bronze spears (Std and Musician) 97
with a detachment of 7 archers 56

17 Crazies of Sigmar (Flagellants) 170


25 Greatswords of Sigmar (Std, Musician) 268
5 Pistoliers (Outrider) 97
1 cannon 100
2 mortars 150

1 Steam Tank "Big Mac"

Lance's Army

Warboss Bazrag 448 pts
Wyvern, Martog's Best Basha, Armor of Destiny, Collar of Zorga, Bigged's Kickin Boots

Grimborg (Orc Shaman) 100 pts
Level 2

Blacktoof "Jak" Ead'smasha (Black Orc Big Boss) 91 pts

Urzag (BSB Black Orc Big Boss) 164
Magical Standard, Mork's Spirit Totem

Mardok's Boyz (30 Orc Boyz inc full command) 240
Extra Choppa

Jak's Boyz (29 Orc Boyz inc full command) 233
Extra choppa

Urzag's Boyz (29 Orc Boyz inc full command) 204

Argad'z Armered Ladz (25 Black Orcs inc full command) 433 pts
Razor Standard

Morgitz' Thunderboar Kavalry (10 Boar Boyz inc full command) 363 pts
Nogg's Banner of Butchery

Path ta Gork (Doom Diver) 80 pts

Toofpik Shoota (Spear Chukka) 40 pts
Orc Bully

The scenario was meeting engagement, Lance got to setup first and the shaman Grimborg as well as the Black Orc Big Boss Jak woke up late and didn't deploy...

For my part the sworsmen detachment, the pistoliers, plus 1 mortar were bogged down and thus did not deploy....

The terrain and our deployment

I didn't steal the initiative, and the Waaaghh!!! goes first!

Orc turn 1

- Jak and Grimborg manage to catch up and enter the field, as Jak joins his unit which was conveniently deployed near the edge...
- Animosity sees Urzag bash 1 Orc to restore order, while Mardokz' unit surges forward.
- Morgitz' boars then make a strong flanking move versus the Empire right flank, and is joined by Bazrag and his Wyvern (this was a very dangerous move, as Lance was either taking a chance that his wyvern would be out of the charge arc of the stank, or simply underestimated it....the latter proved to be true!)
- Grimborg decides not to cast anything, while the chukka and doom diver miss completely (the chukka missed everything the entire game!)....

The Orcs surge forward, with strong flanking moves to the right of the empire lines!

Empire turn 1

- We check the charge arc of Stank, and it barely clips the rear corner of the wyvern....with this the Arch Lector and "Big Mac" charge in!!!
- The empire reserves enter play, with the pistoliers and the mortar coming in the rear of the boarboyz, and the swordsmen coming in the rear of the empire lines...
- The archers enter the blood forest (making them stubborn), while the halberdiers move slightly forward. The bronze spears move also in order to get Magus Shawn into range for the Amber Spear.
- Magic sees the mage MISCAST. The Amber spear skewers 4 Black Orcs, and the resultant magical feedback kills 7 spearmen and wounds Magus Shawn! The unit holds however...before this happens ArchLector Fernando gets Soulfire in and the Wyvern gets wounded...
- With all the troops in the way the cannon and mortar cannot see a thing (I forgot the mortar can indirect fire without LOS)...The pistoliers gun down 2 of Morgitz Kavalry, while the archers luckily manage to wound the chukka....
- Close combat sees the combined impact hits from "Big Mac" and the Altar kill the Wyvern. Bazrag challenges and the AL accepts...Bazrag shrugs off all blows and then wounds the AL in return...he then passes his break test and holds!!!

End of turn 1..first blood to the McDonald City Guard!!!

Orc turn 2

- Urzag has to bash 1 boy again in order to restore order, while Mardokz' unit AGAIN surges forward!
- Morgitz' Kavalry decides to join the party and charges into "Big Mac". All other units move forward.
- Magic sees Grimborg MISCAST and cast Waaaggghhh!!! Urzag's boyz charge the archers in the forest, while Argadz and Mardokz lads gleefully assault the waiting flagellants..."The end is nigh!!!"...Grimborg is wounded as a result of the miscast.
- Shooting sees a doom diver manage to impale 1 pistolier.
- Close combat sees the boar cavalry all but bounce off the Stank, although 1 wound is caused. In the continuing challenge, Bazrag continues to shrug off all blows and again manages to would Arch Lector Fernando.
- Urzag's boyz must have been still squabbling since they only manage to kill 4 archers, and lose 2 boys! The stubborn archers hold!
- The black orcs and orc boys fulfill the prophecy of the flagellants, as they kill 16 crazies! However 1 remains and continues to tie up the combat!!!

The miscast WAAAGGHH propels the Orcs into the empire screening units!!!

Empire turn 2

- With the screens depleted, the halberdiers, free company, and spearmen charge through the gaps at the orcs! However, the greatswords are too wide and thus advance right behind the archers. The pistoliers spot the doom diver but fail to charge the crazy war machine.
- The magic phase proves to be uneventful, as the Orcs dispel the AL attempt to heal himself. as well as the spell from the altar....
- The empire war machines do nothing, either due to no LOS or wide scatter rolls.
- Combat is where all the action is!!! "Big Mac" grinds down the boar boyz, who lose 4...Bazrag finally hacks down the Arch Lector, who stays on the chariot incapacitated, but still able to direct its actions. The orcs still lose combat and both Morgitz Kavalry and Bazrag flee (they were too far from Urzag, the BSB), with the war altar running Bazrag down (JUSTICE!!!)..the Boarboyz flee into the newly revealed wildwood, as the roots within strangle another boar boy....
- Urzag's boyz finally get it right and butcher the remaining archers.
- In the main fight, the empire soldiers kill 3 black orcs and 2 orc boyz..in return 1 halberdier, 7 free company, and 5 spearmen die...HOWEVER, Lance makes the mistake of not allocating attacks to the lone flagellant!! As a result, the spearmen and free company break and run, the spearmen fleeing off board, but the stubborn halberdiers (due to the Crown of Command) and the lone flagellant holds up the Orc units in this combat! In addition, Lance did not decide to expand the frontage of the Black Orcs, and thus only 2 models from the halberdiers as well as the Black orcs remain in base to base!!!

The empire manages to control the right flank, but the melee in the center is barely held off by the last flagellant and the stubborn General and his unit!!!

Orc turn 3

- Urzag's unit charges into the Greatswords.
- Morgitz Kavalry rallies, and turn slightly to face the flank of the pistoliers....the Wildwood calms down this turn...
- Jakz boyz moves and tries to catch up to all the fun, while Grimborg also moves forward.
- Magic sees Grimborg throw 6 dice into another Waagghhh..while there was no miscast, the Empire fail to dispel the spell and it goes off! The Boar Kavalry then charge into the pistolier's flank, and Jakz boys move closer!
- Shooting is an exercise in futility for the Orcs.
- The close combat phase proves to be extremely decisive. The Morgitz' boars wipe out the pistoliers, and they overrun forward.
- Urzag's unit finds out that Captain Sylvester and the Greatswords are much tougher than the archers. Urzag and the Captain face off in a challenge between BSB's, and Urzag manages to wound the Captain. Full plate armor then manages to protect all but 3 greatswords from harm, and the others step up and cause carnage amongst the lightly armored orcs....despite the reroll from the BSB the Orcs leg it and break, and get run down by the Greatswords....Jak's boyz see this and also panic and run away, although Grimborg holds (probably still too dazed from casting 6 dice!)..
- Mardokz boyz finally kill off the pesky flagellant, but in the other combat no Black Orc answered the challenge from General Fredrikson, and the Razor standard proves its worth as the strikes from the unit bypass the armor of the black orcs, and Argadz ladz also break and get run down!

The Orc's center is broken through by the empire forces despite another successful WAAGHHH!!!

Empire turn 3

- The War Altar charges the Boar boyz, who flee.....The Greatswords charge the fleeing Jakz boyz, who continue to run, and then redirect towards Grimborg, who has the sense to leg it and run.
- The free company rally and turn around. "Big Mac" moves back towards Mardokz orcs, and the General and his halberdiers reform to face them as well...the bronze spears as well as the swordsmen move forward in support.
- The winds of magic roll poorly and with only 3 power dice the Amber spear is unsuccessfully cast due to low rolls....
- With the battlefield suddenly clear of troops the war machines finally get LOS...the steam guns boils a few orcs, then the cannon finally fires and a cannonball bounces all the way through...with a ld of only 7 the orcs flinch in the face of fire and panic and run!
- The mortars then fire into the Jak's fleeing boys, causing a lot more casualties....

By the end of turn 3 only the Goblin war machines are not fleeing!!!

Orc turn 4

- The Orcs regain their nerve, as ALL fleeing units rally!
- Magic has Grimborg MISCAST the Fists of Gork...3 Greatswords die after being pummeled by mystical fists, before Grimborg suffers another wound and dies!
- Orc shooting is AGAIN useless...

The Orcs rally, but the shaman expires after MISCASTING again!

Empire turn 4

- "Big Mac" and the Halberdiers crash into the newly rallied unit of Mardok, who manage to hold.
- The incapacitated AL wills the War Altar to charge the boarboyz, and the horses follow and reach the Orc Kavalry. The Greatswords spot the toothpick chukka and decide to charge it.
- Magic sees Shawn the Magus MISCAST the Amber Spear again, which fails to harm the doom diver. More spearmen fall due to the magical energies, but the mage is untouched (by magic, but receives a lot of dirty looks from the bronze spearmen!)
- Shooting has 1 mortar missing Jakz boys by a mile, with the resulting scatter killing 1 Greatsword!. The cannon just barely misses the doom diver. The last mortar however manages to lob a mortar shell onto the diver, and it luckily manages to wound then destroy the machine!
- "Big Mac" and the halberdiers predictably massacre Mardok's boyz, although 5 halberdiers die in the return attacks. The orcs break and are run down by General Fredrikson's unit!
- Only the boss Morgitz is left standing after the charge of the war altar, and he manages to wound it before holding fast!
- The Greatswords are pissed off and chop the toothpik chukka to many, many pieces.

The empire units mop up the remnants of the Orc forces...

Orc turn 5

- Jakz boys see 1 last chance of glory and charge into the Greatswords.
- The horses from the Altar manage to kick Morgitz in the head, and he gets unhorsed (err Unboared)...
- In the last combat, the Greatswords again prove their worth by absorbing the orc charge, with the great weapons proving too much for the lightly armored orcs...Jakz boyz flee and get run down...(I made a mistake here as Jak issued a challenge, and I accepted with a champion, but I forgot I didn't have any..but it wouldn't have mattered since that would have meant lance would have caused less wounds if I accepted with the better armored captain Sylvester, and it was the greatswords who caused 8 casualties anyway in the return strikes)...
- Not a single Orc was left on the field and victory belongs to the empire!

The field is cleaned up and WAAAGGGHHH Bazrag is successfully repulsed by the McDonald City Guard!

What a great game! Despite the outcome it could have gone either way, but I felt Lance made critical mistakes early on which cost him. The first was the aggressive move by his General on the wyvern. He landed too close to the WA and the Stank...If I were him I would have flown closer to the front of the Boarboyz, and thus ensured Mazrag was out of the charge arc of "Big Mac", and thus goad the AL and the WA to charge unaided (which would be a bad idea, I wouldn't have done it anyway). Because of this he got tied in early and more critically lance lost the Inspiring Presence from Bazrag when he got run down.

The second mistake was when he did not expand the frontage of his Black orcs versus the halberdiers. Black orcs are an elite unit and are better served by having more models in base to base rather than ranks, especially against lightly armored troops like halberdiers...this cost him that fight as my General and his sword of striking got into play, and lucky to wound rolls plus the Razor standard bypassed the armor of the Black orcs.

Finally, Lance did not allocate any attacks towards the last remaining flagellant..if he got rid of it that would have cleared the way for Mardoks unit to charge at the units in the empire rear, and he could also then turned to threaten the flanks of the other empire units....

Anyway, it was a great and BLOODY game....while we had only a single level 2 mage each, the magic phase was spectacular with 2 miscast per side, but definitely the Orcs got the better in the exchange as the WAAGGHHS were critical, and all my mage did was kill 4 black orcs and 11 of his own spearmen bodyguard (I expect the magus to be lynched afterwards). I did not get to shoot much, but when I did get to it proved critical in causing Mardok's unit to panic, and how can I forget that heroic mortar shot which took out the doomdiver?

This game was epic since most of the action occurred in the combat phase...16 flagellants dying in 1 turn! wow! The heroic greatswords stepping up over their casualties and hacking away more than they received! The general and his halberdiers overcoming the black orcs with the help of the razor standard...my own spearmen bouncing of the arcs then fleeing the battlefield..etc.etc.etc.
Now this is what a WHFB battle should be!

Great game Lance! Safe trip back to Boston!

28-08-2010, 15:15
Seems like you had a really great and epic game, I agree, that is how a WHFB battle should be! :D

30-08-2010, 21:46
The marked up pictures really help to make things clear :)

Glad you both had fun.

Lord of Nonsensical Crap
30-08-2010, 23:32
Thanks for another great report, Freddiyu. The reports for both your McDonalds City Guards and the Galen Rockhounds are always enjoyable, and I eagerly look forward to more.

02-09-2010, 04:50
Thanks...and don't forget to look at my Lizardmen thread too "The Plaques of Yu'ancan"....