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29-08-2010, 00:50

Daemon Prince @ 375pts
Unnatural Swiftness, Collar of Khorne


Herald of Khorne @ 175pts
Battle Standard, Great Standard of Sundering


19 Bloodletters @ 258pts
Full Command

20 Bloodletters @ 270pts
Full Command


5 Flesh Hounds @ 175pts

5 Flesh Hounds @ 175pts


Bloodcrusher @ 70pts

Total: 1498pts

Basically it's a Khorne army the BSB goes with the 19 letters, flesh hounds and the crusher do flank charges or kill any pesky knights, the daemon prince just hangs around the letters, charging anything small and annoying or charge swith the letters into anything big and general filled etc.
any major things wrong with it? All C&C appreciated greatly

29-08-2010, 09:50
I run a khorne list, and it is fun, but it is a play and learn list make no mistake.

*Firstly, combine the bloodletters to a super unit and drop ten of them. 10x3 with the bsb.
*Use the left over points from 10 bloodletters to buy another bloodcrusher and musician.
*Combine the hounds so you can break ranks
*Give the bsb banner of d3+ combat res. Sundering is cool, but the -2 is usually counteracted by the +1-5 every wizard now gets. extra res so you don't end up taking too many casualties if you lose. Failing that, banner of -2Ld would be nice.
*Icon of endless war on bloodletters. It coomes in handy because of the new random charges, it basically makes you charge like cavalry for a turn on average (3d6+5 works out the same as 3d6-lowest+8).
*Swap unatural swiftness for armour of khorne, or both for obsidian armour. Your choice, i just find they work better.

But, like the theme. Consider in 2k extra bloodletters, skulltaker, prince sdwapped for bloodthirster and more crushers. But don't worry. Khrorne = Win :p


01-09-2010, 09:27
thanks for the pointers, I'll see what I can do.

New list:

Daemon Prince of Khorne @ 365pts
Armour of Khorne, Collar of Khorne

Herald of Khorne @ 190pts
Armour of Khorne, Battle Standard, Banner of Unholy Victory

30 Bloodletters @ 415pts
Full Command, Icon of Endless War

10 Flesh Hounds @ 350pts

2 Bloodcrushers @ 150pts

Total: 1470pts

Did everything you suggested, even had some spare points for the armour on the BSB and I still have 30pts spare, can't spend it on the prince coz of percentages, there's really nothing to spend on the herald so I've no idea what to do with them