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29-08-2010, 15:52
Here we go again. Another revision of my "Death Warriors" Army. My goal is to get across the board and to grips with the enemy before shooting and magic take its toll.

Command (25%)
(1) Khorne Exalted Hero on Juggernaut (180)

Battle Standard:
(1) Khorne Exalted Hero on Juggernaut (205)

(1) Khorne Exalted Hero on Juggernaut (180)

Core: (36%)
(10) Nurgle Marauders with Musician and light armour and shields (94)

(15) Warriors with Banner of Rage, full command, and shields (305)

(10) Slaanesh Marauders with full command, light armour, and shields (90)

(15) Khorne Warriors with Banner of Flame, full command, and great weapons (325)

Special: (39%)
(5) Knights with Musician and Standard (230) (General goes here)

(5) Knights with Musician and Standard (230) (Battle Standard goes here)

(5) Knights with Musician and Standard (230) (Hero goes here)

(4) Trolls (180)

29-08-2010, 16:36
I like it, but it has a few flaws as well. First off its low numbers. This is ok because your khorne and your going to do tons of damage, but Steadfast is gonna be a real bitch to you when you play people with huge units (like a few units of 40+)

It seems you aren't going for a particular theme so I'd suggest to change nurgle and slaanesh marauders to tzeentch as they'll get a 5+armor and a 5+ward, alot more survivable and might be a lil cheaper. Looking at the number of them though you might not even care to make them anything since they seem to be filler.

Also with the khorne and banner of rage warriors I'd give them both Halberds.

I didn't start using them until recently but frenzied warriors with halberds do loads of damage. It's glorious. Great weapons will do lots of damage too, but make them strike last and they are an extra point. With a small unit size on warriors it might be better to strike first (which you will with int5. You are almost always hitting on 3s and the additional str from the GW wont even matter as you are still wounding on 2s (against opponents who are base toughness 3).

Magic and shooting will have a field day. Don't expose any flanks to bolt throwers or cannons. Any magic that ignores armor will really hurt those knights. Juggernauts have MR1 but in 8th that only gives them a 6+ ward which at best will save 1 or 2.

I only play as a chaos player, but If I was your opponent as any other army I'd let you come to me. Target knights first with all shooting and magic. If I have any template like stone throwers I'd hit your warriors. Once you reach my lines I'll hit your warriors with huge units to keep mine steadfast and widdle them down until I win a round of combat. I'd arrange my units in a way to counter your charges or let the knights charge a 20+ unit and then counter charge and flank the fast knights. I'd ignore the marauders because they pose no real threat and aren't worth many points.

Your general and BSB arent that protected as they only have a toughness 4 and 1+ armor save which sounds good, but is the same as the knights. If your opponent has any item or ability that can ignore armor saves that's a real problem.