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06-03-2006, 08:18
Hello, taking a break from my Big Paint (tm) (Marines & Epic Guard), I'm revisiting the First Epic army I actually managed to get fully completely painted, my Iron Hands. Here's the army as it currently stands:


Well I've dug it out and I'm adding to it in preparation for the Ful Scale Assault Epic Tournament in Mansfield in less than three weeks time.

At the moment what you see pictured comes to 3,000 points, but I feel while it is quite characterful, it lacks in certain areas to make it a bit more competitive in tournament play. So I recently got a Whirlwind Detachment and some Hunters to give the army some more AP firepower and a bit of AA firepower too. (I'm dropping the Land Raiders, too.) I also made some objectives for the army, which are part of Epic Tournament play.

Now I have just under three weeks to get these painted, which with my uni work and other commitments works out at about 4-5 actual days of painting time. Starting today, I'll make a start on the tanks. I also need to complete another Objective, and make a Tactical stand to replace the 2nd Detachment's Librarian command stand, as for the 3,000 points I'm taking to the tournament I'm dropping the Librarian upgrade from this detachment.

So here's what I've got to paint, I'll update again later today to show my progress. Enjoy! :cool:


06-03-2006, 11:42
Nice job there mate, I like what you've done with the Warlord.

A nicely balanced force too. How many points is that all together?

06-03-2006, 12:12
It's stuff like this that really makes me want to play EPIC, but then I see the costs of an army :(

06-03-2006, 12:25
It's stuff like this that really makes me want to play EPIC, but then I see the costs of an army :(

Epic is indeed the most costly game to collect an army for - if you buy straight from GW. But on eBay, it's incredibly cheap! Just last week I've bought over 70 ork vehicles for about 20 pounds - saving a whooping 140 british pounds compared to GW's online store! No joke!

EDIT: I really should comment on the actual topic, huh? The Iron Hands look amazing. I love the detail - the cogs on the tanks, banners etc. Are those waterslide transfers or actual freehand? I can't quite tell what's on the first objective marker, but the other one is a Command Rhino, right? Great idea.

06-03-2006, 16:55
Thanks for feedback and positive comments!

@ Stugmeister - what's pictured is 3,000 points, but when I've painted the other stuff it'll be 3,500. To confuse things, I'll betaking a different 3,000 point variant to the Tournament, dropping the Land Raiders and some of the commanders.

@ lord_blackfang - the Cogs are all freehand - glad you like them! They're not too difficult to paint, a white dot and then 'cut in' with black. That is a Damocles Command tank in one of the objectives, the other is a mini-diorama with an Iron Father overseeing his Heavy Servitor during the retrieval of a Venerable Dreadnought, under covering fire from his command squad. And I'd agree eBay is a great place to get Epic for starters - I built up my to-be-assembled Ork force through eBay, only buying a couple of blisters direct from GW.

Anyway, not as much painting done today as I'd hoped, I've had to play house-husband :eyebrows: and help my girlfriend tidy her house this afternoon, she's got someone coming to view it - fingers crossed she'll get a buyer!

In the meantime, I've touched up the undercoat on the Tanks (always my least favourite part of painting minis, but sadly it's essential nonetheless), I finished the other objective - it's more of a generic one I can use with any of my Epic armies:


And I made an alternative 'command' stand for the second tac formation in place of the Librarian. I needed the alternative because I don't have the spare points to take a second commander for any of the detachments other than the Iron Father (Chaplain) in the first Tac formation. But I still wanted a unit which could stand out as the 'leader' of the formation. So I converted a veteran from a Standard bearer, old Captain's back standard, and a chainsword from an Assault Marine. Dark pic, hope you can make it out:


I hope to be able to pop back upstairs for an hour-or-so later this evening and get started on the tanks - I start by painting the bases, which actually takes more time than painting the tanks themselves in my Iron Hands army!

06-03-2006, 19:09
I've finished the first Whirlwind - c&c appreciated! It still needs varnishing, which will be done when I get all of them painted. I'm pleased with it, not least because it took less than 30 mins to paint! :D


He Who Laughs
06-03-2006, 21:45
These are all looking awesome firestorm40k, top stuff keep it up! I especially like your dioramas, the missile pod/command bunker combo is very tidy. I'm interested in seeing painted close-ups of the other two as well - get cracking!

Forgive me for my ignorance - I haven't played Epic since it was first re-released as Epic (name change from "Space Marine") - but I do remember that there used to be some very cool Ordinatus land-trains (one had an Uber Sonic Array of Doom (TM)). Are these vehciles still available in the the new updated rules? I just thought they'd make a nice addition to your Iron Hands - almost like mini-Clan Citadels.

07-03-2006, 10:59
Thanks for your positive comments, HWL! The Ordinatus are sadly no longer available (unless you get lucky and find one on eBay - and have a bit of spare cash, as they go for quite a bit nowadays). However, there is an Adeptus Titanicus Titan Legions list in play-test format, and that includes the Ordinatus - and its Sonic Array of Doom! (tm) :D

As for getting the dioramas/objectives painted, I need to do the rest of the Whirlwinds/Hunters painted then I'll move on to them.

08-03-2006, 20:19
Hello again, painted another Whirlwind tonight - 30 mins it took, if only all minis were so quick to paint! :D Here's a pic of the 3 I've painted so far - one more Whirlwind after this, then the 3 Hunters - and after that, the objectives...


(the latest is the one on the right :) )

08-03-2006, 21:52
Must...resist...making.... Epic Army!
So its the most costly? About how much for a standard sized force?
Really nice...


09-03-2006, 02:28
lookin' good, the one thing that puts me off epic is lack on interest in group and even hard to get a game in a regular gw..

09-03-2006, 17:04
Thanks again for kind comments!

@ AventineCrusader, the cost of 3,000 points of Epic (a tournament size force) depends on where you source it from. Straight from GW, an army of Marines, Guard, Orks or Eldar of that size would cost between 70-80 - IF you did it in one splash. Now that may sound a lot, but consider for some 40k armies you'd spend around 150-200 to get a 1,500 army...

But, if you're willing to spend the time watching items, eBay is a good source - so long as you don't go for rare, oop stuff like Chaos or 'Nids - then you can REALLY expect to pay silly prices...

@ cerealkiller - yeah, I know Epic's not all that commonly played any more :( but it doesn't stop me collecting it! These Iron Hands are one of many armies I am in the middle of painting, or need to make. These include Fire Storm Marines, Imperial Guard, Orks, Iron Warriors, Titan Legion, Tyranids... I guess the best way to encourage more Epic gamers near you is to collect two 'starter' size forces (1,500-2000 points), take them to your local gaming groups, and say 'who wants to try this ace game called Epic?' ;) :D

Oh, and sadly there's no painting to report today as I've been in uni... hopefully I'll do somemore tomorrow or over the weekend.

09-03-2006, 17:15
they all look sweet firestorm. God your making me want to do a EPIC army, but alas i have two 40k armies to finish and start so its not in th near future. Keep it comin!:D


10-03-2006, 08:18
they all look sweet firestorm. God your making me want to do a EPIC army, but alas i have two 40k armies to finish and start so its not in th near future. Keep it comin!:D


Thanks for the postive feedback Scorpio - glad you're liking my Iron Hands! :p

I know what you mean about wanting to finish your other armies before doing anything else - I've never let that stop me though!

To whit: currently painting - 40k marines, Epic Iron Hands, Epic Guard; then - more Epic Marines, 40k Inquisition/Death Watch; then - 40k L&tD mutant Horde & either Epic Orks or Iron Warriors... I could go on and on and on... :D

12-03-2006, 13:37
Managed to get back to my paint desk this afternoon - I've now finished the Whirlwinds (bar varnishing), just the Hunters & Objectives to go. In less than two weeks. I should do it... :confused:


13-03-2006, 03:00
Just do it;)
Looks good man keep on goin!


13-03-2006, 20:34
Thanks Scorpio, well I'm another step closer to that goal - I managed to get these done this evening (warning - blurry pic alert! :p ):


So that's all the tanks done for the army I'm taking to the tornament, phew! I do have one more Hunter to paint, for the 3,500 point version of this army (which includes the Land Raiders, a Captain in the Termies and a Librarian), but I'll come back to that. I still have the objectives to do, undercoating tomorrow or Weds morning, then a bit of a frenzy to get them done in just over a week! :eek:

27-03-2006, 12:13
Hello again! I've not had time to upload any pics for nearly two weeks (also my internet connection's playing up, so I'm relying on other people's internet).

But I DID manage to get my Iron Hands army completed for the Full Scale Assault tournament! You can read my report here (http://www.epic40k.co.uk/epicomms/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST;f=10;t=6532;st=0), but I thought I'd just show some pics of the finished objectives and completed detachments - now with Hunters! :cool:

Firstly, here are the two objectives - the Iron father/Venerable Dread recovery 'mini-rama' and the Damocles one. Enjoy!


27-03-2006, 12:15
And some finished detachments: Tacitcal with Supreme Commander

2nd Tactical detachment with both choices of command - Librarian & Captain/Veteran


and the Whirlwinds

This army might not have been a particularly competitive one, but I'm pleased to say I got full marks for painting!

10-06-2006, 17:00
it looks great - nice to see a project log on something other than 40k.

The mini dioramas are particularly nice. Well done.

Red Skullz
10-06-2006, 18:07
Having played Epic way back when it was released I know how difficult they are to paint. So with that said you`ve done an amazing job with these, even with dioramas in this scale is just beyond me.

Keep up the excellent work pal cause it`s definitely worth it!

Oh and for all you doubters, Epic is a fantastic game! The feeling of fielding squadrons of bomber and fighter planes, companys of tanks and batalions of infantry is just to good to miss.

Now where did I put my Imperial Guard division...:confused:

10-06-2006, 18:31
Erm, glad you both like this army - although I must say I'm very surprised to see it dragged out after three months! :D

Yep, I'm a big fan of Epic (surprise! :p ), and would highly recommend it to any 40k player. Or Fantasy, Warmaster, Starship Troopers, War Machine... :cool:

Plus there are a number of other cool things about it - for example, when discussing your armies with 40k player, you get to stun them by saying things like, 'well, I've got TWO Thunderhawks, FOUR Warhounds, TWENTY Leman Russ Tanks, and a DOZEN Chimeras in my armies!' ;)