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29-08-2010, 21:55
I am planning to update all my armies for 8th edition and for most of them I already have a solid plan. However with Dwarfs I am still not sure what unit sizes make most sense for them, especially for the close combat infantry blocks. So I am looking for your feedback and insights to what might be the best course of action for my army.

As I make movement trays for all of my units, I would also like to finalise the formation of the troops.

On the left column are my plans for the 8th edition future, while on the right column I listed the stuff I already have and the models I would have to add.

Close Combat Troops (always full command):

30 Warriors, Shield (5x6).......................24 Warriors (5x5).........+6
25 Warriors, Shield (5x5).......................25 Warriors (5x5).........--
40 Warriors, 2 Hand Weapons (10x4).......2x10 Warriors..............+20
24 Longbeards, Shield (6x4)...................20 Longbeards (5x4).....+4
24 Longbeards, 2 Hand Weapons (6x4).....--..............................+24

20 Ironbreakers (5x4)......20 Ironbreakers...... --
20 Hammerers (5x4).......20 Hammerers.........--
21 Slayers (7x3).............16 Slayers..............+5
18 Miners (6x3)..............10 Miners (5x2).......+8

I have thought about making the Warriors with shields even bigger (and deeper), like 35+30 but was not sure if it is worth it. They would have 7 ranks and won’t lose steadfast soon, even when attacked from the flank. Additionally they could take even more casualties. On the other hand I guess 6 and 5 ranks are ok as well and remain cheaper... or do you think 30+30 warriors would be better than 30+25?

With the shielded Longbeards I was also not sure whether 6 wide is really better than 5 deep (25 models). But I guess the two extra S4 attacks might be worth the loss in ranks, still not completely sure. 20 are a bit too small right now are they not?

Do you think the 40 Warrior Horde will work? 50 are too expensive I’d say, but 40 might die just a bit too easily for their points cost...

Long term plans also include buffing hammerers and ironbreakers, however I am waiting on new models for them, so I won’t change anything right now. I guess they both still work as a unit of 20 for the time being.

I am not sure if Miners need to be 18 big (maybe 15 or 12 is enough), but since I already have the 8 models its either that, or using them as extra warriors to further increase the two shield regiments... 18 doesn’t seem to bad though.

So far I only lack the Rangers, which I have never tried out in games. I don’t really want to add a full extra unit to the mix, so my option would be to squat the 24 Longbeards with 2 Hand Weapons and make Rangers (with 2 Hand Weapons) instead... This way I would be stuck with one unit of Longbeards but wouldn’t miss the rangers (not that you could not occasionally use them as Longbeards if you make them look a bit more elite)

Do you think this is a balanced and versatile list of units? Or is there anything that you would add, change or adapt?

Ranged Troops:

22, shields, standard (also fieldable as 12+10)
12, no command
-> 34 in total...........25+10 (unpainted)........-1

22, 2 Hand Weapons, standard (also fieldable as 12+10)
10, no command
-> 32 in total...........14.............................+18

That should be enough shooty troops for that army size, don’t you think? Or would you add an additional unit / increase a unit size?

I am still not sure if I am happy to have the same amount of Thunderers and Quarrelers, as I always liked to have the option of taking more Thunderer than Quarreler units.

I even thought about assembling the last unit of 10 quarrelers with 5 crossbows and 5 handguns. This way I could use them as both; being able to field:

22 + 22 Thunderers, 22 Quarrelers
(including 22, 12 and 10 Thunderers)
22 + 12 Thunderers, 22 + 10 Quarrelers
(including 12, 10 and 10 Quarrelers)

However I let the idea fall soon because a unit including both weapons does not really look like a coherent unit. More like a bunch of “I ran out of models so I use whatever’s left..."
Do you agree or would you give it a shot? Or is there another tempting solution I have overlooked to get a slightly higher Thunderer output without having to add more ranged troops to the army? Or do you think a healthy 50/50 mix of both units is perfect anyway?

On another note would you consider giving the small units a standard as well and do you think musicians are of any use for move or shoot troops?

War Machines:

Not a big issue at all, I have:

3 Cannons, 2 Bolt Throwers, 1 Grudge Thrower, 1 Organ Gun, 1 Flamethrower, 1 Gyrocopter

I plan to add an Organ Gun (I already have the model), as well as probably a Grudge Thrower and I think I am all set in that department. Agreed?

I would really appreciate your comments to whatever part of my plan, and your help to finalise my new mighty Dwarf army :)

(Thx for reading the longish post, hope this is the right forum too, but since its neither army list nor tactic, it seemed alright here...)

29-08-2010, 22:18
I haven't found warriors with shields to be all that great, the best value seems to be in great weapons now since dwarfs are striking last anyway, though with hand weapons and shields they'll do just fine to hold up an enemy for a round or two till you can bring something else to bear. As for unit size; units of 20 to 25 should be fine, as much larger and you're just asking for the more accurate stone thrower hits or nastier magic spells to land right on them! Dwellers Below from the Lore of Life will make mincemeat of any large unit of Dwarf Warriors for example since it has a 50% chance to instant-kill each model.

With the unprecedented levels of manoeuvrability that Dwarfs now have compared to 7th edition you can fight a lot more effectively with more units of 20 than you can with fewer huge units, as it means you can set up multiple charges or counter charges more easily. With high Toughness, decent save and high leadership Dwarf units will still hold pretty consistently, and with great weapons they may even avoid having to take break tests at all, but for when they do just be sure you've a battle standard handy!

29-08-2010, 22:30
I don't know about how it will work. Though I'll be honest, I'd love to watch it. Alas being the only Dwarf player in my area, I never get to see other Dwarf generals do their thing, kind of sad.

29-08-2010, 22:38
Maybe something to add is that even tough they have to face some wizards, war machines and monsters, they will most likely be fighting against many big units on their own. Eg units of 50 Clanrats/Orcs/Halberdiers..., units of 30 Bloodletters/High Elf Spearmen/Grave Guard..., units of 20 Glade Guard/White Lions/Chaos Warriors, units of 8-12 Ogres etc.

I found that 20 Warriors just don't seem to provide the necessary staying or killing power in a fight against such numbers.

Lord of Divine Slaughter
30-08-2010, 09:01
As I make movement trays for all of my units, I would also like to finalise the formation of the troops.

Sure this is convenient, but one of the strengths of 8th is that you're much more free in the choice of formation, and a clever use of changes in formation can decide a fight.

But basically, any single attack troops with an above average strength will benefit from the horde formation, while other troops will benefit from having ranks and numbers to hold the enemy.