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30-08-2010, 02:29
Tzeentch lord on disc lvl 4
4(3+) ward vs shooting, ench shield, puppet,roar, eye(use opponents spells)

tzeentch bsb on disc
ward of preservation,shield that dicounts first hit

16 slaanesh warriors f/c flaming std

18 khorne warriors f/c raptourous std bsb in here

18 nurgle chosen f/c frenzy std

3 spawn

2 hellcannons

5 hounds


any comments appreciated

30-08-2010, 15:10
Warriors and Chosen must have an equipment upgrade.

Slaanesh isn't all that great anymore (but I think that may be your theme, usint one unit of each god).

I don't think I've ever seen a list where there is a Chosen unit with champ that doesn't have an item (usually favour of the gods).

Spawn aren't as good anymore, if you can attack a flank they are fine.

I've never used a chariot so I don't know what to tell you, I know they got better since S7 doesn't autokill, but they might suffer from the larger amount of attacks in this edition.

If you need extra points for equipment upgrades, I'd drop a spawn which is a couple more points than needed to give all warriors and chosen a weapon (I recommend halberds for the khorne warriors and chosen).

30-08-2010, 23:44
slaanesh have xtra hw, khorne has shields (mosty cause this is how i had them equipped and painted for 7th)
chosen have halberds, and chosen champ has favor of gods. All comes out to 2498

the theory is, the cannons and tzeentch wiz reak havok on horde units and such(not as big of a need for larger units for me then.) The xtra hw slaanesh with fire banner are for hydras or other regen units, they charge in with the chariot. BSB goes in with khorne unit for staying power, rerollable any double or 1, is pretty sweet. Ive witnessesd spawn soak up alot of fire and also cause a -2 to hit when infront of aunit. Same with hounds. So i shouldnt get shot up too much. Plus with 2 hellcannons firing, you wont want to be out of combat for too long.

31-08-2010, 04:20
Well you should consider ripping shields of from your Khorne warriors and replacing their weapons with halberds or something. Models with frenzy cant use Parry save.

31-08-2010, 18:43
I planned on making the khorne warriors 2hw, but may also opt for the halberds, and i'll either add shields to the slaanesh warriors or just model up some new tzeentch warriors for the 5+ ward.