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30-08-2010, 04:33
Hello, kinda bored looking over various army books when an idea hit me. Something my group has done in Blood Bowl periodically was to field the idea of an 'all star' team allowing the forces of order or destruction to use models from every list in their groups.

Applying this to fantasy as a neat mental exercise what would the most terrifying army mash up look like? Maybe one of the following rules would apply

1) Use anything!- army specific special rules would apply to its forces as they are listed (Undead units would have the ability to have a non vampire general? wouldnt be able to raise further without help but might make a rather tough out for the enemy, for example) Some elements of work would have to be done but you would be able to write out your reasonings

2) Split the sides up into two halves (destruction being the Chaos armies, Dark elves, OnG, Skaven, and the two undead forces vs the others as a forces of order side: Empire, Brets, High/Wood elves, Lizardmen, Dwarves, maybe include Ogres only to even the sides). Pick a side and go crazy for fluffiness sake.

3) Pick 2-3 armies for very rare combinations (make an all elf list representing abilities seen under the first elven armies? VC and Tomb King mix with Empire to do some weird Tomb King near Sylvania plus peasant levy wackiness).

At any rate the rules are simple, you cannot mix match option on an individual choice, nor can the choice take magic item/rune/daemon options not normally available in their own book.

This worked well in blood bowl creating teams like the Chaos All Stars and their good counterparts but in fantasy this could get messy. Regardless thinking around a 2500 point limit or 3000 point limit might be neat to see what could be accomplished. For fun some of the best ideas could even be proxied into a battle report or mini campaign for fun laugh times.

Kinda pressed for time but the idea of an army that uses these lists might be fun
- a Slann General bunkered in a force of Tzeentch chosen deathstar with sword/shield being able to take beastmen chariots plus lots of skirmishing forces like wood elves or skaven sounds neat.

-Maybe an elf army that loves them some pie plate: template madness stocking up on scraplaunchers and mortars might be hysterical.

- A vast mage list that takes advantage of every way to rip out more powerdice might be fun using a slann, a dark elf with dagger of sacrifice, a Dragon mage, Tzeentch heralds, Black art vampires and the like might be a wacky fun day of one magic phase followed.

- Teclis behind a real gunline of dwarf and empire insanity letting you drastically dominate the magic plus the shooting phase sounds a might bit scary. Even better yet just drop everyones favorite mage into a dark elf list and watch the hilarity ensue.

- Treeman ancient force plus treekin busting through with their core forces of horde Khorne maruders with great weapons plus attendant Hydra/Cygore/Hellpit Abom.

- The nascar force of every stinking chariot variant you can find. For humor sake must be lead by Night Goblin big boss on giant cave squid, followed closely by everything on two wheels pulled by something snarling.

- a very confused Blood thirster barging his way to freedom on the back of his vast army of skaven slaves...

anyway this is purely for fun, and purely throwaway but it would be neat to see what gets pulled up given now that 8th edition just jumbled everything into a nice neat mess.