View Full Version : Black Legion or 13th Black Crusade

30-08-2010, 12:00
Building up a Chaos Space Marine army with Abaddon in it. It also has some normal Chaos Marines and Cultists as well.

Now I have to choice between painting every thing Black Legion or an alliance themed lists with Death Guard, World Eaters, Emperors Children, Iron Warriors, Night Lords all fighting along side Abaddon and his Black Legion retinue.

The fully Black Legion would be cool in the sence that it is fluff and will have a sense of unity. However having played Black Templars before I remember painting everything Black was kind of boring :/

However 13th Black Crusade themed list would be great in that I would be able to include all my favourite legions in one army and will open up some great painting ideas. However I will lose that uniformaty that I love so much.

So which one should i choose

30-08-2010, 12:25
13th black crusade all the way man! Its Fun being able to Paint WHet ever schimes you like. Pluss you could include a weight of Black Legion anyway if you realy wanted.

My slaaneshi side is getting the better of me here... im going for the more... varied artistic choise :)