View Full Version : WoC 1000pt against Dark Elves or Empire

30-08-2010, 17:37
I haven't made a 1000pt list for 8th edition yet and I'm realizing that I use to take well over 25% worth of heroes.

General: Exalted Champ, MoT, shield = 125

Chaos Sorcerer: Lvl 2(Death), Ironcurse Icon = 125

Marauders x 36: MoK, FC, Great Weapons = 230

Warriors x 15: MoT, Standard and Musician, Shields = 278

Hounds x 5

Hounds x 5

Trolls x 4

TOTAL = 998

I'm planning on putting the caster with the Marauders and the general with the Warriors on the side of the unit that is nearest the Trolls.

I'm wondering if the Trolls should be the center of the army so that they are able to help either unit of if they should just be to hit a flank with the warriors in front.

I'm worried about warmachines and the shooting phase in general, I'm not sure how much shooting can be packed into either army I'll face at a 1000pt level. I'm mainly wondering if my hounds will have enough time to make it to warmachines (can they even beat the crew?) or if they will buy my other units enough time to get into combat.

Also, is 2 heroes the way to go or should I just get one expensive hero?

Thank you in advance for any help!

30-08-2010, 19:03
I played a couple times at 1k.
Here's some suggestions :

- Don't use the trolls without a standard bearer, at 1k points you can't affort to loose 180 points on turn 2 for a stupidity test. Also if I get to kill your general (which isnt really well protected) i probably win the game outright because trolls become useless.

- Just one hero is the way to go at 1k points. Protect the chaos sorcerer with a save, maybe give him the MoT and you can easily go for a disk. If you want to use the Exalted champion instead MoT+Disk is very good to kill warmachines, single heroes etc.
My setup is Shield+Halberd+MoT, 4+ Talisman, the 5 point potion that gives immunity to psicology and +1a on charge and stream of corruption. At 1k it's a monster, much more reliable than a sorcerer.

- With the points you save you can either go for a unit of chaos knights or another big unit of marauders + unit of maurauder horsemen to have a second unit that can kill warmachines / flank.

Hope it helps.

P.s. In case you can use special characters, both Throgg and Feastus are very very good at 1k.