View Full Version : What's considered missiles in 8th for White Lion Cloak

30-08-2010, 20:38
There were many discussions in 7th about what constituted being a missile attack. Then finally they FAQed it so it was all attacks made in the shooting phase and magic missiles, I think (gotta check that FAQ again).

Anyways, all that really doesn't mean spit in 8th.
So, what does the lion cloak protect against?
1) Does it work vs. stone thrower area damage?
2) Does it work vs magic missiles?
2a) Does it work vs spells at all?
3) Does the RBRB clarify what a missile is?

I'm skimmed the book and don't recall seeing anything on it. I'm going through the book in its entirety now so perhaps I'll run across it but I was hoping someone else might have a definitive answer on this.

30-08-2010, 20:42
2) and 2a) are a NO, see the HE FAQ.

The cloak actually offers a save Vs Shooting attacks, not Missile attacks.

01-09-2010, 04:38
1- it is shooting, so yes.

2/2a- as mentioned, no. Magic is not shooting, so the cloak has no effect.

3- I am not sure if the missile distinction is important, but the brb is not specific about what shooting is (iirc). However the HE faq answers that question, obvious as it may seem.

The white lion cloak faq also sets the precedent for no 4+ LO,S! from magic missiles/DD spells.