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31-08-2010, 08:26
Hi Guys,

I am completely new to Warhammer and i am starting a WoC army for the 8th edition. I will mainly be playing a friend that uses Skaven. I was wondering if there are some chaos pros here that could come up with some Skaven killing army lists for me to compare?

We will be starting quite small at first so 1000 and 2000 points is what i am going to be aiming for.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


31-08-2010, 08:52
I suggest 2 or 3 units of 9 Ogre's with the mark of nurgle, and a unit of 18 or so Warriors of Chaos with Shields & Halberds, the mark of Tzeentch, and a Banner of Blasting.

Along with that I suggest a couple wizards with a lore that involves some unit killing spell like the lore of Tzeentch, or Slaanesh.

31-08-2010, 09:21
I must admit that I wouldn't suggest what Citadel suggested, but each to his own. For a 1000pt starter force, maybe something like this:

Lvl 2 Sorcerer with Mark of Tzeentch, Disc of Tzeentch, Charmed Shield and Talisman of Preservation: 210pts

18 Warriors with Mark of Khorne, Halberds, Full Command and Banner of the Eternal Flame : 358pts

30 Marauders with Mark of Khorne, Great Weapons, Standard Bearer and Musician: 192pts

5 Warhounds: 30pts

Hellcannon: 205pts

Total: 995pts

Hope this helps.

31-08-2010, 13:26
I think Nixon's list looks good, I will be playing a couple 1000pt games in an upcoming league and I think I'll be taking a very similar list.

31-08-2010, 13:47
I am entering a 1250 point for conflict which consists of:


Mage- LVL 2, Spell Familiar, lore of death, chariot, Collar of Khorne (lol)and enchanted sheild


20 warriors 7x3 -1 Full Command Mark of Slaanesh

30 marauders 3x10 with flails and full comand

10 marauder horsemen 5x2 flails mark of khorne light armour full command


1 Hellcannon

260 mage
360 warriors
200 marauders
240 marauder Horsemen
205 Hellcannon


I like this list because it has a little of every thing (eg. Shooting, Combat, Fast Calvary, Magic and a chariot)

This list could easily be expanded and collapsed to 1000 or 2000 points.

Let me know if this helps

31-08-2010, 14:01
Thanks for your input guys.

I am not experienced enough to say what is good and what is bad but i must admit I hadn't considered any ogres just yet. I guess i should take a closer look at them.

I did myself have something more like Nixon's list in mind but due to my inexperience I was struggling to make my final list.

Anybody think that they can come up with a better list than that? Keeping in mind that I am building this army to destroy Skaven in particular.

<Edit> Thanks Archaon, I was posting at the same time as you so I didn't notice your list. I will take a look now.

31-08-2010, 14:07
Just To add 15- 30 Marauders in a unit with flails will demolish skaven i think. Also the lore of Death Magic is Pretty good .

31-08-2010, 14:27
Yeah your list looks nice to Archaon. It has helped me a great deal. Especially as i am hoping to expand the 1000 point army into a larger army as quick as i possibly can.

After seeing those two lists kinda confirm what I had in mind, I am fairly confident that I can select a pretty decent set of units to start me off. I think I will definitley take the Marauders, Warriors, a lvl 2 Sorcerer and the Hell Cannon. I'm still undecided on Warhounds and Marauder Horsemen at the moment. I guess if it's a 1000 point game then the warhounds are probably the cheapest solution.

I think I still need to do my research on the best marks for my purpose to. I do like the idea of the Tzeentch Sorcerer.

If anyone else has a list or any tips, maybe a 2000 point army, anything like that. All your knowledge is appreciated here.

Cheers guys.

31-08-2010, 23:56
Sorry I wasn't aware you were planning a 1000 point force, I was just pointing out a new thing I have math hammered to be rather effective.

I think the force I wrote out would be better as an add on to another force, perhaps Nixon's force. Since it will fill out all of the wholes in the list and routinely shatter Skaven.

The reason I have been promoting the Ogres lately, is that I think their quite a bit stronger than people realize.

Now I will go through the advantages of the Ogre unit.

Its an extremely solid hammer, 27 wounds with a 4+ save, and 18 Strength 6 attacks, followed by 6 stomps. If their fielding a shooting Skaven list, then they will need to throw down at least 800 points or so to kill a rank of the unit, and then your fighting which the rats will run in the 2nd round on average, which is the best time since it avoids his shooting phase.

My warrior unit was wrong, it should not have the Halberds.

01-09-2010, 00:36
Nixons list is prolly the best bet, only difference would be prolly add HW to khorne warriors instead of hallys as 90% of any skaven list has 3t and lots of extra guys that need to die. tzn is definatly the best lore on a lvl 2 mage as death only has 2 universally good spells purple sun and soul blight, where as tzn has 5 useful spells(hate call to glory),

01-09-2010, 01:00
If you can use special chars, i think nothing beats throgg at 1k.
He can take down an elite unit by himself, kill a big monster and be a uber addiction to a nurgle market warrior unit because he causes fear.

01-09-2010, 03:46
Festus + 40 man unit of khorne marauders w gw= fun and cheap!

01-09-2010, 11:18
The Ogres do sound really cool. I am definitely thinking about adding them in to my army as I build it up some more.

I also like the idea of adding HW on the Khorne warriors to kill some extra vermin.

Oh and sorry, I should have said this in my original post. At first the plan is not to take any special characters but of course I am still very interested in them. I am sure we will be using some eventually, so feel free to include them as it will definitely help me out at some point.
I have read some things about Festus with the Marauders before and it does sound great. I saw Throgg in the army book and I thought he looked awesome but I don’t know much else about him yet. I guess i wont be using him in my first 1k army but maybe in the future I can.

01-09-2010, 14:33
I am entering a 1250 point for conflict which consists of:


Mage- LVL 2, Spell Familiar, lore of death, chariot, Collar of Khorne (lol)and enchanted sheild

That is 55 points of magic items...

02-09-2010, 03:52
That is 55 points of magic items...

Easy fix is to change the Enchanted Shield to a Charmed Shield. . .