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31-08-2010, 11:17
Over a thousand years ago, in the north of what has now become known as the Dark Lands, east of the realm now known as Kislev, the Gospadors were not the only realm of noble man. There are whispers of a long forgotten civilisation. A civilisation brought low by disaster and Chaos, a civilisation that hung on to this world with every ounce of its dying breath. For better or for worse. They are now known only, as the Tunnel Dwellers.

History tells us that around the Imperial year 950 [ Year - 45 in the Gospadorian Calendar ] the Gospador Tribe began their migration west due to increasing expansion by the tribes of the Chaos Wastes. Why though, had these attacks increased in such numbers as to cause the Gospadors, a hardy tribe who had endured for centuries, to embark on a mass migration west?.

The nomadic Kurgan and Hung, the main sources of attacks on the Gospador homelands were not in fact trying to expand their realms or spheres of control. They were fleeing from a threat that threatened to wipe their people out. Brutal storms of magical energy washed over the northern landscape, mutating all in its path. Even for the Kurgan and Hung, foul worshippers of Chaos both, this was too much. Whole tribes were mutated into mewling messes in single storm wracked nights. They sought the ‘gifts’ of their foul gods but storms of such power were seen only as punishment for whatever they had done to offend the powers of Chaos. Their nomadic nature allowed them to flee south for a time, in order to escape the hellish storms of change. In doing so, driving the proud Gospador west, unable to cope with the waves upon waves of brutal northmen that now swept over their lands.

The story would end there but for one small fact. The Gospador were not the only realm of noble men in that region. The Gospador could not even claim to be the most powerful. This realm, who’s name is now lost to antiquity had built mighty cities. They were not prepared to give up their homes. Their vast armies of sturdy scythe and sickle armed militia marching out to meet the northern hordes, supported by their trusted battle hounds. Time and time again they defeated the northmen until the barbarians battled them no more. The Kurgan and Hung left the realm intact and continued their migration south.

The land rejoiced. They had defeated the greatest threat their land had ever faced and the now abandoned Gospador realms were free for the taking. A new age of expansion and progress beckoned them.

This people prospered, for a while at least. Little did they know that the inexorable storms of the North, some of the most destructive ever to occur on the face of this world, shifted insidiously further south with every passing day.

Scouts reported the storms, but they had endured northern storms before. They hunkered down inside their cities and prepared to wait it out. Night after night the relentless storms battered their realms. It was apparent in the first week alone that this was nothing like the storms they had endured in the past, whole towns were turned into gibbering wrecks. Women bloated and gave birth to giant magic spewing slugs. Hysteria could have gripped the land and torn them apart, perhaps it would have been better if it had. Ending them there and then.

Rather than give up hope, the people mobilised. Creating vast networks of tunnels under their cities, expanding on their sewer systems. Reasoning that being under ground would offer them a measure of protection from the relentless storms. The whole population, starving and withered, their crops having rotted in the foul rains of the storms, began to dig. A ruthless determination born out of desperation saw the impossible achieved. In a few short months, vast tunnel networks were completed. Many thousands starved or succumbed to mutations. Those that survived were transformed from an optimistic open people to a nation of grim, heavy eyed skeletal wraiths. They hunkered down, deep wells offering them foul but drinkable water. The main source of food bugs and fungus and whatever else they could scavenge and scrounge beneath the earth.

They endured like this for months but the storms did not stop and with a grim realisation, they knew they were doomed. They resigned themselves to death and waited for the inevitable. Too proud to form pacts with the gods that had struck them down.

They did not die though. The storms become even more ferocious as the foul gods of the realms of chaos played their final trick on this blighted people. Their resistance an insult. The stinking underground realm was turned into a place of evil as the powers of the storm seeped through the earth. The tunnels becoming like the intestinal tracts of some foul bloated monster. The people continued to starve and with nothing else to live for turned on each other, turned to wickedness and evil. Their water pools and wells become foul stinking pits or dark energy, forced to consume it, the people were granted resilience and hardiness that they never thought possible. Their rotting withered bodies capable of taking punishment that would fell an Orc three times over. Their loyal hounds began to sprout horns and wicked teeth, their fur turning to slimy stinking scales. The women birthed the horrific warp slugs in even greater numbers. The great king of this people, the man who had led them to their greatest deeds, seeing his subjects finally brought to ruin. Cast himself into one of the foul mutating water pools not wishing to see his people fall further into degredation.

The king was not allowed to escape the clutches of chaos so easily, the gods laughed at his futile attempts and cast him back into the world. Rising from the pool in which he had thrown himself, the king re-emerged. A monstrous half slug half man, foul energies flickering across his clawed hands, he had re-merged as a god to this new people. He had re-emerged, The Tunnel Dweller.

The transformation of the realm complete, the storms finally abated and the Tunnel Dweller led his armies above ground. The twisted starved parodies of the proud men that had once built a great nation above ground, were his elite guard. Their unnatural warp spawned resilience and callous evil intent coupled with their already lethal skills with scythe and sickle making them even more deadly warriors than before. Any that fell re-emerged after a time from the stinking slime pits in their deepest tunnels, providing an army that could time and time again march upon the mortal world. Bringing ruin and misery on others. The foul giant slugs, birthed in greater and greater numbers also marched with them. Burning down their foes in blasts of sorcerous energy. The men that had gone insane in their dark, foul realm had become known as Lurkers. Transformed into lethal taloned beasts that could rip even a Tunnel Guard to shreds if they dared stray down long forgotten tunnels alone, although not a worry to the Guard who could re-birth in their slime pits. On the field of battle they could rip an enemy limb from limb. Their once loyal hounds were now cruel warp beasts, part reptile, part dog, part toad.

Emerging from their tunnels they found the Kurgan and Hung, returning North, the wrath of their gods having abated. The Tunnel Dwellers butchered any they come across, a hatred still burning inside them for the worshippers of the gods that had d**ned them so. Myths and legends from the Kurgan and Hung tribes still endure of these ‘Slime People’, these ‘Tunnel Dwellers’ to this day.

Now they cared not who they killed though, they had become a wicked and evil people twisted by chaos, reviling the powers that had created them and the rest of the world in equal measure. A Daemonic realm in the mortal world.

It is rumoured that the lost hold of Karak Dum was undone by the spiteful and twisted Tunnel Dwellers. Bitter that the Dwarfs had survived the brutal storms of the north in their deep mines. Many Ogre Tribes have simply vanished when migrating west over the more northern rout. Clan Moulder wages an ongoing underground war from their lair in hell-pit. An eternal war thanks to the countless hordes of rat men and the re-spawning daemonic nature of their adversaries.

The forces of the Old World are slowly becoming aware of this malicious threat from the north east, at a time when they can’t afford new enemies. With the Old World reeling from the Storm of Chaos these foul ‘Tunnel Dwellers’ are now striking west, bitterly eying up the lands of the Gospadors.

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The fluff above is for my themed Daemon army, the Tunnel Dwellers. I was never really interested in Daemons until I seen Heresys range of minis, after trying to think what I could use their models as, I found Daemons to be a pretty good fit.

So I wrote the fluff to go with it.

Horrors - Are Heresys Slug Minis
Plague Bearers - Are Heresys Tunnel Guard [gaunt withered men in masks]
Flesh Hounds - Are Heresys old Daemom Hounds [quite frog looking]
Flamers - Are Heresys plaguebearer style model with projectile vomit
Great Unclean One - Is the Tunnel Dweller
Bloodletters - Are Heresys Lurker Minis
Herald of Tzeentch - Is Heresys Toad Familiar
Herald of Nurgle - Is the Mordheim Carnival of Chaos Plague Cart

Tunnel Dwellers [Mk1]::2000 Points

Great Unclean: Mucus, Stream of Bile.
Herald of Nurgle: BSB, Palanquin, Stream of Bile, Vapours.
Herald of Tzeentch: Master of Sorc[Life], Flames].

37 Horrors: FC, Changeling, Icon of Sorcery.
18 PlagueBearers: FC, Standard of Seeping Decay.
5 Flesh Hounds:
3 Flamers:

An odd list I know and with some strange numbers, main reason being that I am REALLY loathe to buy MORE models to fix ANOTHER army and want to use one of my armies from last edition without any more money going into it. I could drop the Bearers down to 14[8 with Herald] and the Horrors down to 29[30 with Herald] and take a unit of 12 Letters for Flanking. I am just worried about taking ANY throw away units in these rules with the fact that you can lose by 100 points now, at least with this list although small and clunky, really doesnt give away many points untill you wipe out one of those tough units.

I have no idea if this is effective or not, any suggestions?

31-08-2010, 12:18
Game 1 - Vs Warriors of Chaos - 2000 Points

My fried is taking his Chaos Warriors to a tourney in a few weeks so wanted to try his force out against my Daemons. He used to place mid table at most fantasy tournies he went with his Warriors but finished 3rd out of about 70 people in his last attempt so he wants to beat that finish this time out. So hes getting in as much practice as he can.

His list is 2200 but he just dropped his Hellcannon to get down 2000, so his character points allowance doesnt really fit.

His list for this game is as follows:

Exalted[1]: Khorne, 2 Hand Weps, Coller.
Exalted[2]: Khorne, Steed, Flail, Fury of the Blood God.
Exalted[3]: Tzeentch, BSB, 4+ Ward Item, Shield.

17 Warriors[+1]: Khorne, FC, Rapturous, Shields.
17 Warriors[+3]: Nurgle, FC, Banner of Rage, Halberds, Shields.
30 Marauders: Tzeentch, FC, LA, Shields.

Chariot: Khorne.

7 Knights[+2]: Khorne, FC, Warbanner.

Lord Knur Khnell was rage incarnate as his warband gathered for the march south. Lashing out at any he deemed taking too long to strap on their armour or saddle their mounts. It had been 9 months since he had delivered his fee of slaves to the forgemasters of Zhar Drugond, the northernmost outpost of the chaos dwarfs. He had been promised, in a pact sealed with his and the forgemasters own blood, the delivery of a dreaded hellcannon within 6 months of his payment. A weapon that would allow him to cast down the walls of many of Kislevs border forts and put their defenders to the slaughter. He had offered up his own promises of blood and skulls to his dark overlord Khorne, and now his patron grew imaptient.

Khorne thirsts, Khorne drinks.

He would march south and take his daemon cannon, the dwarfs who had betrayed him would be the first to slake Khornes thirst.

The Hung chieftan and his clan who owed allegiance to Knur Knell were skittish about the coming journey, whispering of the evil that lurked in the half sunknen cities they must pass on their march. Of a twisted maggot people who had decimated their ancestors tribes in the past. Knur Khnell had scoffed at this, and shown the chieftan the true face of evil, quartering the fickle and cowardly tzeentch worshipper in front of his tribe. They would follow him and overcome their foolish fears.

Pre Game Thoughts: I was a little concerned when it comes to one on one matchups between our units and its not like I have enough units to really gang up on any of his. It shouldnt be too much of an issue if i get a decent amount of powerdice each phase but if I dont reduce his force a little by the time it reaches me, he may well just grind my army down with all those attacks. I think I will try and get my Unclean One to take out his Marauders for easy points as his Stream of Bile should cause carnage along with Mucus if I am wounded. The Knights worry me so they will be the main focus of my offensive spells whilst I will buff my infantry blocks with augment spells ahead of any important combats.

Early Game:

I go first but all my spells are out of range, so I just cast the spell that boosts my other spells in the hope he forgets to dispel it in his turn.

He advances on me, his Khorne Warriors on my right flank, skirting some rocks and heading over a hill. His Knights thunder round a hill on my left where my Unclean One has headed over to as I didnt want those Knights smashing my Hounds. His Nurgle unit move down the centre with the Marauders, the Chariot between them. He dispels my spell.

I edge my Hounds backwards whilst my Flamers move to just within shooting range of that Khorne unit. All my decent spells are out of range so I have to resort to Firestorm on his Knights, which kills 2. My Flamers and my Herald both target the Khorne units, the Flamers only get a single kill whilst my Herald despite only getting 2 shots, hits with both, wounds with both and ends up killing 2 Warriors!

His Knights are still just out of range to charge anything so he just edges up a bit whilst his infantry plow on forwards. In my turn my Flamers shoot down 2 more Khorne Warriors whilst my Herald again only gets 2 shots off, but again manages 2 kills with them!. My magic phase sees me get Bolt of Change [2D6 S4+D6] on the Knights, killing 3. Leaving just the Exalted, the Standard and the Champ.

In his turn The Knights crash into my Unclean One, and his Chariot thanks to a double 6 manages to get in on my flank too. In total he manages a massive 5 wounds on me, which does result in all the Knights and the Exalted dying and the Chariot taking a wound thanks to Mucus. My attacks do a single wound on the Chariot, I also thunderstomped here [just found out I couldnt have, but I only got a 1 and didnt wound with it anyway]. The combat is drawn.

The Marauders panic because of the Knights being destroyed and flee back a little.

My units move around to get my Plaugebearers to recieve the Khorne unit and my Horrors to recieve the Nurgle unit with BSB. My Flamers move out to the flank to get out of the Khorne units LOS and to shoot them a little more. My Hounds move around the other flank ready to charge those Marauders if they fail to rally in his turn.

Bolt of Change blasts down about 7 Nurgle Warriors, whilst I cast the boost spell with my Herald which also gives a wound back to my Unclean One. I then fail to get any augment spells off on my Horrors though, wanting them to be at +4T against that choppy Nurgle unit. My Herald shoots the Nurgle unit and again gets 2 shots....and 2 kills!, my Flamers kill another few Khorne Warriors.

Daemonic Resiliance:

Those Marauders rally and turn to face my Hounds. His units duly oblige my lining up and he slams his Khorne unit with General into my Bearers and his Nurgle unit with BSB into my Horrors. Im quite worried here as he has character support for both units, his BSB in the thick of it and can put out a lot of hurt on my units.

My Unclean does 1 wound on the Chariot for none back and it breaks but I fail to catch it.

My Changeling calls out a challenge and his BSB has to step up. He is confident his 3+ Ward and 3+ Armour will protect him against his own 4S5 attacks, but I do 3 wounds and he rolls badly and fails 2 saves, killing his BSB. His Nurgle unit the strike, hoping to get enough kills to win the combat but only manage 2 kills thanks to some terrible dice. To make matters worse, my Horrors hit back and kill 2 Warriors themselves, he breaks but I cant catch him.

Its not all on his Khorne unit, his General throws out a challenge which my unit champ takes. 6 S5 attacks only do 1 wound, which I save and to add insult to injury, my champ takes a wound from the Exalted Khorne General.

My BSB strikes first thanks to Vapours, his Palanquin then kills 3 Warriors....and he adds another 2 kills with his own attacks. His Warriors not under the vapours get a few kills but my Bearers get 2 kills back, easily winning the combat and leaving him with just his front rank. He rolls a double 6 to break but holds thanks to the Rapturous. With that he calls the game as all he has left is a wounded general, a fleeing chariot on 1 wound, 5 Khorne Warriors, 5 fleeing Nurgle Warriors and a unit of Marauders facing my whole army.

Result - Win

Post Game Thoughts:

Ive got to say that was pretty brutal, I dont think ive rolled so luckily in ages and he just couldnt pass a save when normally he is the most lucky guy you will ever meet. Mucus certainly saved my Unclean One and that took out the fast elements of his force but it was still up in the air with him hitting my infantry units with his without me having any augments cast on myself, he just couldnt hit and wound though and the Changeling killing his BSB spelled the end for his force.

He is going back and changing his list now, dropping the Marauders and 2 Knights for a Heavens Lvl4 with Spell Fam.

Im not sure what to do with my list, I was quite pleased with it to be honest but that as mainly down to some lucky rolling. I am not sure on how to equip my BSB and Great Unclean one, I think I will keep Mucus but I dont know about the other gifts I have taken.

Even Knur Khnells warp enhanced rage was fading, his arms were tiring and his twin axes were no longer the blur of destruction his enemies feared. Before him stood one of the hollow eyed, scythe weilding tunnel dwellers the Hung had warned him of. The cowardly tribesmen had already taken flight. The sight of that enormous maggot king smashing his heavily armoured knights, breaking their already fragile nerv. The Hungs collective tribal nightmares made real.

He struck again with one of his axes as the emaciated warrior before him punched its wicked scythe into his side, its daemonic strength nothing to do with its withered and wasted muscles. Knur Khnell let out a roar of triumph as his axe struck deep into the warriors neck, leaving the head hanging by the thinnest of sinews. The roar of triumph turning to a snarl of despair as its wound started to heal, maggots flowing up through the severed neck, pulling the head back into place and slowly sealing the terrible wound.

He knew that his force was doomed but wondered at the nature of his foe. They had all the characteristics of the daemons he had faced but they cursed the dark pantheon with every kill that they made, he still could not work out who granted the tunnel dwellers their power as his own head was struck from his shoulders, no miraculous recovery for Knur Knhell though as his patron did not care from who the blood fell.

Khorne drinks, Khorne thirsts.

The tunnel dwellers spat their bitter curses all the more, for they realised the bitter irony of their struggle. For every follower of Chaos they killed, they strengthened the gods they cursed. The fickle gods did not care who bled, who plotted, lusted or grew sick. It was all the same to them but the tunnel dwellers would fight on in their eternal defiance of the gods who had damned them.

31-08-2010, 15:08
I like your list. Nice and fluffy and nothing stupidly powerful.

31-08-2010, 21:52
nice list, and glad to see the tunnel dwellers return (the dweller is one awesome mini)

I'm a bit sad that the GUO can't be a spellcaster in smaller games, but your mucus/stream build seems good, especially against knights and silmilar :)

01-09-2010, 04:40
I love the dweller mini too - It'd be great to see photos of it, especially among the army.

I have one, but am still cleaning it :p

08-09-2010, 23:19
That is some reaaally cool and creative fluff

09-09-2010, 08:36
Great fluff and a good first batrep in this story (perhaps some fluff about the battle as well, hint hint ;))

Looking forward to the next one :)

10-09-2010, 02:20
I'd really like to see pics of your army and congratz on the win!

24-09-2010, 00:01
Game 2 - Vs High Elves - 2000

My Opponents list was as follows:

Archmage: Lvl4, +1 Power Dice, Ring of Fury. LIFE
Mage: Lvl2, Select Spells. SHADOW

16 White Lions: FC, Flaming Banner
30 White Lions: FC, Banner of Sorcery
40 Sea Guard: FC

Lion Chariot:
Lion Chariot:

Pre Game Thoughts:

I was quite concerned about this game, he could put out on awful lot of magic coupled with good magic defense. I knew he was going for the Shado Hex that would lower my Strength by D3, followed be Dwellers Below. Which could pretty much wipe out my Horrors or even my Plague Bearers. I also didnt fancy any of my units againt his in 1 on 1 fights. With this in mind I decided I would try and play it safe, popping his relatively fragile Chariots whilst trying to keep a hold of my own units. Taking out his fairly vulnerable mages if any oppertunities presented themselves.

Early Game:

He goes first and both his chariots trundle down my left flank which holds my flamers and hounds. His magic just sees him boost his big seaguard block.

In my turn I edge up slightly, getting my flamers out of his chariots charge arc. My Horrors destroy one of his chariots in my magic phase whilst my flamers wound the other.

He only advances slightly but does push his smaller white lions on my left on a little. He is still trying to get his hex followed by dwellers below on my horrors but I just keep dispelling the hex to stop him even bothering with dwellers below. He does kill 2 flamers with his ring spell though and his sea guard strip a few wounds off the unclean one with their bows.

The flamers advance on the chariot to get within short range and just manage to finish it off. I also manage to get a few spells off, killing a few sea guard and white lions.

He keeps up the advance with the smaller white lion unit and boosts them with the +2T spell, he gets a double 6 though and also loses a wizard level and that spell. His bows do another wound on my unclean one.


Seeing a chance to kill at least his weaker mage, my 2 flamers charge his seaguard with mages, aiming for the level 2 mage. 1 dies to stand and shoot and I know the other risks dying to the striking first high elf spears. So I try regrowth but fail to cast, I do manage to get +2T off on him though. Meanwhile my hounds moved around the flank of his forward white lion unit whilst the unlean one moved to the other flank whilst still keeping a LOS on the sea guard unit should the flamer fail its assasination.

The flamer survives the elf attacks thanks to his T6 and then proceeds to hit and wound with both of his attacks, killing the mage. My flamer then dies from combat res but his job has been done.

Now this caused a point of contention, at the start of his turn he remembers that he cast the 2D6 S3 hits in the magic phase spell on his sea guard in turn one and claims he should get to make that roll to save his mage to see if it kills my flamer. I dont know if he cast that spell on turn one or not and tell him we cant do that as he has now reformed his sea guard and that as it happens at the start of the magic phase, my flamer could have been dead before i did any casting and so I could have had a completely different magic phase as opposed to trying to boost the flamer. So in letting him do that, I will have lost a whole magic phase. He isnt happy about it but we play on anyway.

His smaller white lion unit is now in a tight situation and turns to face the unclean one. His archmage leaves the sea guard to join the bigger white lion unit. His magic does very little this turn. His shooting does do another wound on my unclean one though.

Lion Valour:

My hounds charge the rear of his lions whilst my unclean one charges the front. I cast the +2T spell on the unclean one as I am worried about the S6 of the lions, this also gives him a wound back. I lose 2 hounds who drag down a few lions in return, the unclean one remains unharmed and smashes down quite a few lions but they hold.

Seeing the game slipping away he charge the flank of my unclean one with his sea guard, advances the large white lion unit on my plauge bearers and detatches his mage from them. He puts ALL his dice into dwellers below on my plague bearers but only kills a few. My hounds are reduced to one model but it and my unclean one finish off the white lion unit, i lose thanks to those sea guard in my flank but i suffer no damage from it and my hound is now free to go and hide. The unclean one turns to face the sea guard.

I can just see his mage through the gap in his units and the horrors blast him down with flickering fire. I then start to reduce the white lions and move my bearers up towards them on an intercept course so they cant get at my horrors. The unclean one beats the sea guard but they hold.

Closing Stages:

His lions charge my bearers. Many strike after my BSB thanks to vapours and in total, including his stream of bile, he kills 6. Those left to attack him back manage to kill him though thanks to stepping him and having such a high strength and re rolling misses. He then also cuts down a few bearers but they hit back hard, winning the combat by felling about 5 white lions.

My unclean one loses combat this turn as the sea guard do 2 wounds on him but i hold for no damage.

In my last turn i get another 2 wounds back on the unclean one by boosting his toughness and casting another life spell on him. He then beats the sea guard again but they hold. My horrors hit the flank of the lions. The lions continue to butcher my bearers but 2 remain and thanks to the horrors in the flank i win the combat but the lions hold with only about 5 models left.

Result - Win

Post Game Thoughts:

I won by quite a margin in the end, killing both his wizards, chariots and a unit of lions. He killed my Flamers and my BSB. It all worked out pretty much how I wanted until that lion unit laying into my bearers at the end, i couldnt believe how much damage they were putting out with those re rolling misses thanks to ASF. I managed to take out his Lvl2, which really took down his offensive magic, I doubled up on his weakest unit in order to take it down and picked off his soft targets in the chariots. In all a good performance from my deamons and im pretty happy with the list now.

Shame about the issue over his mage. I dont normally mind going back and re doing something if it has no effect on other areas of the game. Say a spell killing a character and then in my turn he realises his character has a ward I will happily go back and let him take it and keep the character alive so long as there were no combats with the unit in the meantime, I just didnt agree with him going back to do something which would effectively mean I wasted my whole previous magic phase.

25-09-2010, 17:52
well it pays to remember what spells are in play thats for sure ;)

nice game, the reroll to hit really has changed HE to the better (as well as all the coming plastics)

30-09-2010, 09:20
Interesting first game, by looking at the lists I thought the deamons would be in trouble but it seems like pretty much all the combats went their way.

I agree the WOC could definitely do with some magic support though, was a good read.

Seems the HE really didn't manage to do too much despite all those extra PD, I would have thought he would be casting dwellers regardless of whether he got the S hex in there, it would likely go through every time with no DD left after dispelling the hex.

Lore of life really seemed good in both games, rather unlikely to lose the GUO with life lore around.

30-09-2010, 09:58
First off, liked reading about your Dwellers before *way back it feels like* and glad to see them out and about in 8th ed. I always like trying to come up with fluff for my armies and characters so it is always nice to see stuff that is neither a nameless host or a very generic hollow one.

Second, just to let you know, the spell in question with the mage actually Hits at the End of the magic phase, not the beginning. So after all spells have been cast and what not. Otherwise it would do nothing the first turn you casted it and he might well break the unit it is cast on before it can do anything.

That said all said good wins, Hope to see more reports and pics *and maybe stories..*

03-10-2010, 22:21
Added a lil bit of quick fluff to the first game. I may be getting in a game tomorrow, could be against either; Orcs, Vamp Counts or High Elves.

04-10-2010, 18:36
Like the second batrep as well and the added fluff to the first report is great :D