View Full Version : Ard Boyz round 2 HE 3k

01-09-2010, 00:36
This is in no wise a finished product, I'm just revising my list before I start with the play testing, and I'm trying to fill in some holes that I noticed during the tourney.

I think it comes out to 2985pts atm

Telcis General Lore of Death 475
Warcrown, Moon Staff, Sword of T., Scroll of Hoeth

Mage Lvl 2 Lore of Life (6,other) 165

Noble BSB 178
Armour of Caledor, Guardian Phoenix, GW, LB

Seaguardx30 415
Musician, Standard, Banner of Flame, Shields

Seaguardx25 340
Musician, Standard, Shields

Phoenix Guardx20 395
FC, Banner of Sorcery, Obsidian Trinket

White Lionsx25 450
FC, Amulet of Light, Ironcurse Icon, Banner of Arcane Protection

Lion Chariotx2 280

Great Eaglex4 200

RBT 100